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Commissioning & Test

Commissioning & Test

The successful introduction of a capability, whether it is a defence system or a complex commercial plant such as an unconventional gas field, depends on a thorough and rigorous process of testing and commissioning. The best-laid plans almost never survive the first contact with the enemy, and commissioning and test is the crucial risk reduction and operationalisation stage where the complex capability is put through its paces in a controlled environment before being made live.

Our people understand the technology and the operational environment, and most importantly, the need of testing complex capability in a gradual manner that eliminates the risks of introducing a complex capability into operational service. From developmental testing through to live field test, we provide the expertise from initial commissioning and test planning in the early project phases through to executing the tests and delivering capability to our customers.

With our global presence, we bring the best commissioning and test practices to our customers. Whether it is the latest fighter aircraft or the latest well head technology, we have our systematic test process to de-risk our customer’s program.

Our capabilities include:

  • Development Test and Evaluation
  • Acceptance Test and Evaluation
  • Operational Test and Evaluation
  • Systems-of-Systems Testing
  • Range Safety and Management
  • Validation of Operations Procedures

Relevant Experience

Operational Resilience Power Use & Cost Reduction

Safety Assurance for Newcastle Light Rail

Airborne Early Warning and Control Initial Operational Test and Evaluation

Air-to-Air Refuelling Capability

Verification and Validation Support

Joint Air to Surface Stand-Off Missile – First F18 Live Firing

Support to AIR 7000 – P-8 Poseidon and MQ-4C

Introduction into Service and Capability Assurance

KC-30 Introduction into Service and Capability Assurance

AIR 5428 – Pilot Training System

Proof-of-Concept MASS-Dynamic Flow Model

Augmented Reality Demonstration for Electricity Distribution

Design and Build of Flight Test Instrumentation

Real Time Monitoring Facility

Royal Australian Air Force Aerodrome Airworthiness

Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Verification and Validation Foreign Object Environments

Army Aviation Aircraft Support into service



Weapons Systems Integration

State Government Aviation

Removable Second Driver Station


Battle Management System - Verification & Validation Support

Support to MAN Military Vehicles


Enhanced tactical UHF communications


Protected Mobility Vehicle-Light (PMV-L) Capability Development Support

Goldie Operational Evaluation

Transfer Pipeline System

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Clare Valley Region Water Supply Scheme

Eyre Peninsula Water Supply Scheme

Lower Lakes Irrigation Pipeline and Pump Stations Project

Lower Lakes Potable Pipeline Project

Gas Facilities Completions and Handover

Field Development Optimisation Project

Installation of the Internal Emergency Door Release onto Oscar Trains

Supporting Rail Industry with Complex Procurement

Key People

Rodrigo Osorio

General Manager - Capability & Innovation

Rodrigo is an experienced Engineering Manager, Senior Systems and Certification Engineer with over 18...

Rodrigo is an experienced Engineering Manager, Senior Systems and Certification Engineer with over 18 years of experience in the procurement, integration and management of complex and safety critical aerospace systems. Rodrigo has worked on several major  acquisition projects for the Australian Department of Defence.

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Nick Kemp

Group Chief Strategy & Capability

Reporting to the Group CEO, Nick is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and is responsible ...

Reporting to the Group CEO, Nick is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and is responsible for the leadership and management of Nova’s Strategy, Capability and Marketing functions.  In this capacity, Nick works across the Australia and New Zealand business and is responsible for implementing Nova’s global capability framework.  Nick is an accomplished business leader with over 30 years’ experience across the defence, rail, utilities, medical device and civil aerospace sectors.

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