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Systems Trials and Development

Systems Trials and Development

Nova Systems highly experienced, and EASA licensed flight test professionals, provide customers with an on-call civil H135 helicopter trials platform to take new designs and concepts from drawing board and bench testing to proven airborne technologies. Our service, integrated with Part21J EASA Design Services provided by GVH, provides a complete end to end trials solution for your company using a systems based approach, proven across a multitude of complex aerospace projects.

The Nova flight test team will deliver your flight trials project requirements through the following proven methodologies. In all cases we will provide a delivery team structure geared towards your project goals, with the partitioning of project management and airborne trials delivery responsibilities based on exceeding the aviation safety requirements whilst delivering efficient and effective flight trials in support of system certification and customer demonstration goals.

Our team of expert instrumentation professionals with experience drawn from rotary wing projects across both military and civil projects will provide a broad range of Flight Test Instrumentation parameters which will ensure every second of flight produces the data you need. More importantly we will ensure that all of your recording requirements are met in order to achieve the requirements of you trials and development activity. With industry standard systems we will seek to exceed your data expectations.

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