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The successful introduction of a capability, whether it is a defence system or a complex commercial plant such as an unconventional gas field, depends on a well trained work force. Our people have the experience of putting complex capability into service. Combined with an intimate understanding of the technology and the operational environment, we understand the core skills required to manage and operate these complex capabilities. We invest in equipping our people with knowledge of cutting edge adult learning methodologies, and with a structured training development framework, we design and deliver training solutions that comes alive with real life examples and experience to enhance learning effectiveness.

With our global presence, we bring the best training development practices to our customers. Whether it is teaching at a post graduate level or delivering accredited training to electrical switching workers, we can tailor our training solutions to meet our customer’s needs .

Our capabilities include:

  • Registered Training Organisation
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Management
  • Specialist Engineering Training
  • Specialist Vocational Training
Course Description KeyDates/Location
Test & Evaluation Course 

The Nova Systems T&E 5 day Course has been specifically designed around the capability lifecycle within the Australian Defence environment. The course contents is regularly updated to incorporate the latest Defence policies, guidance and processes associated with T&E, including the technical and operational regulatory framework.

View the Nova Systems TE Brochure here

Oct 29 – Nov 2  2018


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Acceptance Test & Evaluation Course

This 3 day course provides theoretical and practical instruction on the application of Acceptance Test and Evaluation (AT&E) to ADF programmes. The course material is bought to life by using regular case studies and real world examples to ensure students can productively apply their knowledge to their individual workplace situations.

View the ATE Brochure here

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Flight Simulator Evaluation Course (EoSTD)

This 6 day course aims to provide training of the evaluation procedures, techniques and methodologies used for assessment of Flight Simulators and other Flight Training devices. This course has been recognised by CASA as satisfying a key training requirement of Evaluation Team Leaders acting on behalf of CASA. Students completing this course are qualified and prepared to act as Simulator Evaluation team members.

View the EoSTD Brochure here

 May 14-19th 2018


November 12-17th 2018


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Introduction to Explosive Ordnance & Weapons Certification Course

This 3 day course provides and overview of the ADF EO and WC technical Regulatory Framework, the Introduction Into Service proves and culminate in a working knowledge of how an item of EO is managed from the acquisition phase through to Service Release.


Oct 30 -Nov 1  2018


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Introduction to Operational Test & Evaluation The Introduction to Defence T&E Course covers the T&E aspects of all phases of the Defence Capability lifecycle process. This 2 day course will give participants the basics of the T&E  

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UHF SATCOM FUNDAMENTALS This 3 day course provides an introduction to UHF Satellite Communications (SATCOM) for those with a basic background knowledge in communications. The course covers all fundamental aspects required to understand UHF SATCOM principles. This course is suited to planners, operators, technicians, engineers, practitioners and is provided through theoretical coursework that focusses on understanding the concepts rather than the underlying mathematics. This course also offers an up-to-date ADF UHF MIL-SATCOM specific module, which covers the overall ADF UHF SATCOM architecture. The course also provides an overview of software based planning tools developed by Nova which are operationally used by the ADF to plan and configure communications links across UHF military satellites.

Oct 22-24 2018


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Verification & Validation Executive Course The 1 day Verification and Validation Executive course presents essential information for Project and Capability managers who are involved with running Defence acquisition and introduction to service programs. Topics included are confirmation of key terminology, how Test and Evaluation / Verification and Validation fits into the capability lifecycle, what is important to managers at each stage of the capability lifecycle and a number of real-world examples with insightful lessons learned.

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Introduction to Electronic Warfare Test and Evaluation

This 3 day EW T&E course will introduce the relevant principles of T&E and their application to development, integration and sustainment of EW systems. The course will provide an overview of Defence T&E policy and processes and the application of these to modern EW systems. Finally, students will be introduced to the particular problems of EW T&E and strategies which can be used to mitigate these problems.

View the EW Brochure here

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System Safety Training This training is undertaken on an as-needs basis and is tailored to the client or area of technical regulatory domain interest. Core content amounts to about a 3 day package, depending on how much client specific practice content is required to be integrated.

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Tactical Data Link   

Online Training Series 1: Describing Tactical Data Links (Describing TDLS) 

Online Training Series 1: Intro to SATCOM Overview Video

Online Training Series 1: Describing Tactical Data Links Overview Video

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Adelard’s ASCE (Assurance and Safety Case Environment) is a powerful, flexible and intuitive system for development and maintenance of assurance cases and delivery of assurance case reports. ASCE supports: • Development of Claims-Argument-Evidence, and Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) arguments. • Fine-grained linking of evidence to the argument with hypertext. • Flexible and sophisticated reporting for efficiently creating deliverable quality custom reports. • Navigation and validation of complex dependent information (e.g., in hazard logs or fault schedules).

This one day course provides the following learning outcomes: • A good understanding of the concepts of structural safety cases. • Competence and confidence in the use of core ASCE features through extensive exercise sessions. • An understanding of the difference between the safety case and safety case reports.

Prerequisites: None, apart from some basic understanding of safety concepts, and reasonable IT literacy.

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Key People

Nick Kemp

Group Chief Strategy & Capability

Reporting to the Group CEO, Nick is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and is responsible ...

Reporting to the Group CEO, Nick is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and is responsible for the leadership and management of Nova’s Strategy, Capability and Marketing functions.  In this capacity, Nick works across the Australia and New Zealand business and is responsible for implementing Nova’s global capability framework.  Nick is an accomplished business leader with over 30 years’ experience across the defence, rail, utilities, medical device and civil aerospace sectors.

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