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Latest News From Nova Systems

SUBS in Schools - Athena go to NASA

Jun 24, 2016

Nova Systems recently sponsored the ATHENA 2015/16 St Peter’s Girls team – the 2016 Australian National Champions – in the ‘Subs in Schools competition’.

This sponsorship enabled the team to visit NASA in Houston to experience a one on one with Astronauts Andy Thomas, and (wife) Shannon Walker.

Congratulations team Athena.

For more information, and to follow their progress,  view the ATHENA Facebook page here!



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UAV Concept Demonstration in Action

Jun 22, 2016

At the recent Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) 2016 conference in Brisbane, Nova Systems collaborated with APPEA to bring an exciting Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) concept demonstration.

The challenge was to ‘fly’ a UAV in the exhibition hall whilst streaming live video, whilst meeting safety, reliability and regulatory requirements. Nova Systems recognised the opportunity to give a team of work experience students a chance to solve this challenging problem whilst teaching them the critical systems engineering approach Nova takes.

Nova also reached out and partnered with local Australian industry experts in tracked systems (Lextar) and video distribution technologies (Immersaview).

The end result was a track and carriage system which spanned the entire width of the exhibition hall, a superb demonstration for APPEA.

UAV Operators

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First EASA Category 2 Flight Test Completed

Jun 17, 2016

Nova Systems UK has completed its first EASA Category 2 flight test on the new Thommen HSL1600 searchlight fitted to its dedicated EC135 trials helicopter G-NSYS.

Nova Systems UK utilised its dedicated team of Category 1 Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers to plan and execute the trial which was delivered on time and on budget. The trial was delivered under the Flight Test auspices of GVH Aerospace, an EASA Part21J DOA.

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Media Article - 'Industry can still make savings'

Jun 15, 2016

The oil and gas industries could learn from the aerospace industry’s success in cutting costs by constant technological improvements, former test pilot  Jim Whalley told the APPEA conference.

“On the not too distant horizon, I envisage digitised oil and gas assets will not only diagnose their own condition through complex data analytics, but well supervisors will also eliminate equipment failures through data-driven, predictive maintenance techniques.”

Speaking to journalists afterwards, he said he was sure there were savings to be made in the industry, though where they were was yet to be determined.

Whalley, now chief executive and chairman of Nova Systems, the engineering and management services company, said remote sensing, satellite communications and the processing of large amounts of data were now affordable technologies.

These could save companies money through things like reducing the amount of manpower needed to do things.

There could be savings from predictive maintenance, with vibration sensors constantly monitoring equipment such as a pump, rather than waiting for it to fail.

A certain amount of experimentation would be needed, he said, “but the nice thing is that we have some clients out there who are prepared to do it”.

In one case they had been able to generate A$60 million (US$44.8 million) in commercial savings by streamlining the engineering management systems over the life of a project.

He said there could also be benefits from some form of standardisation across the industry.

“Trying to design a major project from scratch is high risk,” he said.

By Brian Donaghy

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G-NSYS on display at Farnborough

Jun 15, 2016

Nova Systems will be exhibiting at Farnborough International Airshow 2016, from 11th to 15th of July 2016.

We will be located at Hall 4, stand H4/130, and our H135 systems development and trials helicopter will be on display with a number of different trials and equipment installations.  If you are interested in Flight Testing your equipment then please come and see us!


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