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Nova Systems was contracted by Thales Australia to manage the Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) of the Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicle – Light (PMV-L). The Hawkei vehicle is an advanced PMV-L platform offered to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) under Project Land 121 Phase 3 as a Manufactured and Supported in Australia solution.

A 7-tonne, 4×4, next generation protected mobility vehicle with a 3-tonne payload, Hawkei delivers class-leading protection, mobility and payload with unparalleled levels of blast and ballistic protection for a helicopter transportable vehicle. Roles include Troop Movement, Command and Control, Electronic Warfare, Liaison and Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

Nova Systems planned and managed the execution of the DT&E in consultation with the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) Project Office and the Land Engineering Agency.  The DT&E was a comprehensive evaluation of the Hawkei vehicle including such characteristics as mobility, deployability, survivability, reliability, payload capability, weapon systems integration and human factors. The human factors element included an assessment of the vehicle in the operational environment as well as key elements of MIL-STD-1472F. The MIL-STD-1472F element included detailed assessment of the vehicle and operator interface. This was conducted in light of various anthropometric standards including DEF-STAN-00-250.

The DT&E activity was subsequently followed by an extensive User Trial of the Hawkei vehicle conducted in northern Queensland. Nova Systems was actively involved in the planning and logistic support arrangements that culminated in a successful User Trial.

Throughout the DT&E program Nova Systems was able to provide critical feedback to design and manufacturing specialist to improve and optimise the human factors characteristics of the Hawkei vehicle. Nova Systems involvement in the Hawkei vehicle DT&E also included the coordination of the Human Factors Working Group which brought together key human factors specialists and operational personnel from Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Army, DMO and Thales Australia.

The key contribution of Nova Systems to the successful conduct of the DT&E program has been extensively applauded by senior management within Thales Australia and the ADF.

Hawkei successfully achieved Project Approval and Nova Systems has been engaged by Thales Australia to support the Acceptance Test activity.



Key People

Bret Barton

Chief Executive - Asia Pacific

As the Chief Executive Nova Systems Asia-Pacific, Bret runs a division of Nova Group ...

As the Chief Executive Nova Systems Asia-Pacific, Bret runs a division of Nova Group which amalgamates our newer client sectors and locations with both established engineering professional services and emerging global technologies.

Bret is responsible for the growth and governance of a portfolio of progressive businesses and programs which include our:

  • Nova Singapore Business (Commercial and Defence services);
  • Nova New Zealand Business (Commercial and Defence services);
  • Australian Transport Program (rail and infrastructure, autonomous vehicles and ports); and
  • Australian Energy and Resources Program (oil, gas, mining, power, water and utilities).

Bret is a member of Nova’s Executive Leadership Team and has been a Manager within Nova for 12 years. Bret served 20 years in the Canadian Air Force and supported major test programs for the Canadian, United States and Australian Air Forces.

Bret holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Aeronautical Engineering and is an Engineering Executive with the Institute of Engineers Australia.

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Ian Lawrence

Program Manager - Land & Emergency Services

Based in Canberra, Ian is responsible for the Nova Systems Land, Explosives Ordnance and Emergency Services Program. ...

Based in Canberra, Ian is responsible for the Nova Systems Land, Explosives Ordnance and Emergency Services Program. The program is responsible for client relationships, capture management and service delivery. Ian began his employment at Nova Systems as a Senior Systems Engineer Consultant in 2012 working predominantly in the Land domain. Ian took over the role of Program Manager mid-2012. Prior to this Ian served with both the Australian and British Armies completing over 25 years as a Communications Engineering Officer.

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