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Media Release - Nova Systems strengthens its SATCOM Management Capability

Media Release - Nova Systems strengthens its SATCOM Management Capability

  • Jun 25, 2018

Nova Systems has recently developed an innovative new proprietary toolset, enhancing its proven ability to deliver SATCOM Management solutions to its clients.

The new toolset, AGILESAT®, supports the delivery of ‘SATCOM Mobility’ solutions including communications-on-the-move (COTM) system support; maritime and land rapid-deploy system support; HTS dynamic service management; multi-satellite coverage planning; MILSATCOM steerable and shaped satellite coverage planning.

Nova Systems successfully provides defence and industry, SATCOM and Network Management solutions including Systems Modelling and Simulation, Earth Station Design and Testing, Satellite Payload Design and In-Orbit Testing, Link Planning, and SATCOM Training. The addition of the AGILESAT® toolset will strengthen this through life  capability assurance offering and will enable existing monitor and control tools, and modern managers, into a single integrated environment.

The AGILESAT® toolset, has the global leading DataMiner multi-vendor Network Management System (NMS) at its core and has highly customizable user interfaces that are intuitive, extremely graphical and perfectly suited to the situational awareness and the high-tempo demands of a Government or Defence network operations centre (NOC).

Nick Pengelly, Nova Systems General Manager – Communications, Information and Space commented, ‘The AGILESAT toolset enables live ultimate control and management of agile SATCOM systems.’

 The toolset has been specifically developed in Australia to address new-generation satellite systems focused on high-rate, high-mobility applications.’ Nick said.

Nova Systems selected DataMiner – developed by Skyline Communications – to be the foundation of the new toolset, based on the extensively proven capability and wider success for not only the maritime SATCOM sector but also the satellite, broadcasting, cable, telco and mobile industry. DataMiner brings unparalleled data connectivity, flexibility and tuneable management features that are well-suited to the Government SATCOM and Defence SATCOM industry sector.

“Our DataMiner platform enables the customer to implement tailored solutions immediately on the fly, which results in a highly efficient process of striving towards the highest possible operational excellence,” says Naveendran Murthy, Sales Manager APAC at Skyline Communications. “The system is highly versatile and adapts seamlessly to the operational needs of this sector.”

AGILESAT® greatly simplifies the task of adding ComSATCOM (Commercial SATCOM) capacity to an existing national SATCOM capability.

The emerging SATCOM managed applications enabled by AGILESAT® include communications-on-the-move (COTM), multi-satellite maritime SATCOM, drone video backhaul, telemedicine video and agile secure network extensions.

AGILESAT® makes high-rate SATCOM for mobility platforms simple to implement – at both ends of the satellite link, for both the central NOC site and the new field user.

Nova Systems – Australian owned and operated International technology enabler, successfully assisting clients to deliver and support highly complex capabilities and systems, within Defence, Defence Industry, Aerospace, Transportation and Energy and Utility sectors. With offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and Norway, Nova Systems is committed to solving the problems that really matter.


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