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Nova Systems Launches New Employee Assistance Program

Nova Systems Launches New Employee Assistance Program

  • Oct 10, 2018

Nova Systems is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with AccessEAP.

EAP counselling can assist when personal, family or work issues are impacting on one’s mental health or quality of life. Nova is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and providing support to employees through workplace benefits that add value to life both inside and outside of the workplace.

AccessEAP’s mission is to create thriving workplaces, and partner with each customer to promote, recognise and effectively manage the mental health of every employee. AccessEAP offers a broad range of services to all Nova employees and their immediate family. This includes access to counsellors and psychologists either face-to-face or over the phone and personal and workplace well-being resources.

Nova has also launched the company wide EAP Ambassador program to assist in making sure accessing mental health support is continually encouraged, normalised and free of social stigma. The program is designed to empower peers with knowledge around how to not take the mental health issues of others into their own hands but, instead, guide their peers to the most appropriate support with the highest level of empathy and lack of judgement.


Access EAP

AccessEAP is an Australian owned and not-for-profit organisation with almost 30 years in the EAP industry. AccessEAP is very proud to be one of the founding members of the EAP industry in Australia. They develop and refine best practice from a diverse experience base across the broad range of industries that they work with.

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