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Celebrating 20 Years of Nova

Founded in 2000, Nova has been solving the problems that really matter for organisations all over the world. As an organisation which has grown from two employees 20 years ago, to over 850 full time employees and active sub-contractors across Australia and around the globe, Nova is now the largest Australian owned and controlled defence engineering services company.

Our Founders’ Story – Where It All Began

What started as an MBA assignment – Nova’s humble beginnings were founded in family, and creating a company with inclusive culture and great people, that solves the problems that really matter. We celebrate our 20 year anniversary by hearing from our founders reflecting on the start up of the company – and what building a great Australian institution means to them.

“We set out to create an organisation with a team who looked after each other. Took pride not only in their own personal work, but more importantly took pride in the work of the organisation and what we could collectively achieve”

Considered Steps To Success

Throughout the last 20 years, Nova has invested in capability through considered acquisitions and partnerships – while also picking up a few awards along the way. Most of all, it is the investment in our employees that provides opportunity to grow their skills, gain valuable experience and develop professionally throughout the globe.

To find out more, explore the Nova history animation.

Our Journey So Far

The Catalyst For Solving Complex Problems

The Boomerang is a great example of what we as Australians can do when under pressure, when things are tough. The world has got a whole lot of challenges and at Nova, we believe – just like the development of the Boomerang – problems like climate change, food and water security, and national security will be solved by scientists, mathematicians and engineers of the world.

Find out why the origins of the Boomerang play such a pivotal role in Nova’s history and how it catalysed our connection to the phrase ‘Solving the problems that really matter’.

It Is Solving The Problems That Really Matter That Inspires Us The Most

At Nova we work on some pretty interesting, diverse and at times highly complex projects. We ensure employees have the opportunity to work in a unique environment that is fun and down-to-earth, while having the support to perform to the best of their ability in the safest possible manner. Hear firsthand from some of our Consultants, who are working on some pretty interesting platforms, about why they think Nova is such a Great Place to Work.

“Novans like to work hard, and they love solving problems. And it is the problems that really matter that inspire them the most.”

A Leading Global Services Provider

Nova specialise in the provision of technology enabled solutions and world class expertise, to solve the problems that really matter within Defence and Aerospace, Government and Critical Infrastructure industries. We have grown from the original two founding partners to over 850 employees and serve customers such as the Australian Defence Force, the UK Ministry of Defence, Royal Norwegian Air Force and the
Republic of Singapore Air Force.

20 Years Of Support To Our Nations Advancement

Nova Systems is now the largest Australian owned and controlled defence engineering services company. Since our foundation in Adelaide 20 years ago, Nova Systems and its people have been providing sovereign capability to the Australian Defence Force – playing a critical role in the defence and security of our nation.

Hear from some of Australia’s foremost industry experts describing the impact the Nova has had on advancing the nation’s sovereign capability.