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Geospatial And Situational Awareness

Geospatial And Situational Awareness

Over the last decade Australia has established a modern geospatial capability that is proving to be essential for enhancing economic, social, and environmental outcomes across a wide range of industries. Nova systems have significant expertise in analysing, interpreting, and presenting a wide range of geospatial data through a variety of mediums. We are experienced at designing and implementing conceptual models for geospatial analysis requirements.

Nova’s team of experienced geospatial engineers, software developers and consultants offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities. In association with Nova Systems companies, Geoplex and Two10Degrees, we work with clients to provide greater insight into data using visualisation techniques and technologies. In particular Nova has been involved in supporting the Defence sector since our foundation in 2000, and has worked on delivering significant Defence geospatial capability in that time.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • System Development
  • Cloud Solution Architecture
  • Enterprise GIS
  • Geospatial Visualisation and Analysis
  • Technical and Project Advisory
  • Defence, Security and Intelligence

Through Nova Systems’ brand Geoplex, we work in partnership with the world’s leading GIS technologists. We pride ourselves on the strength of our network and our ability to access the best tools to create a custom solution for our client.

We help you make wise decisions on the best ways to use spatial software in your business. We value the role that technology plays in making your people and processes more effective. While we work with both Esri and open sourced software, we pride ourselves on being independent of vendors and will always find the right solution for you.

Geoplex Partner Network

Global Alerting Platform

GAP is an award-winning communications platform – built by Nova Systems’ company Two10Degrees to connect, protect and optimise (almost) anything on the planet. Our platform equips our clients with tools for location tracking, emergency alerting, message routing and much more.

Visualise and manage any device on any network, from smartphones through to satellite phones, Bluetooth beacons to LoRaWAN sensors.