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Operational & System Safety

Operational & System Safety

The modern society demands increasing levels of safety from every new technology that is introduced into service. Complex technological systems often interact with their users and environment in ways that are not immediately obvious and may lead to the emergence of hazards. The best way to address the emergence of hazards is to design them out of the system or to implement design solutions that mitigates the hazards.

The safe operation of these complex systems will need to be addressed differently through the implementation of a safety culture and framework that is scalable and tailored to the operational demands. Our people understands the interplay between technology and the operational environment. With experience designing highly complex military systems and operational experience working on aircraft carrier flight decks, often acknowledged as the most hazardous work environment imaginable, we are well equipped to help our customers design safe products and operate them safely.

With our global presence, we bring the best system safety and operational safety practices to our customers. Be it the latest multi-mission warship or complex electrical grid switching operations, we have our systematic approach to help our customers deliver safe projects.

Our capabilities include:

  • MIL-STD-882 System Safety Program Implementation
  • SAE ARP4671 Safety Methodologies
  • Rail Safety
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Operational Safety
    • Critical Field Communications
    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Operational Excellence Framework
    • Concept of Operations

Relevant Experience

Operational Resilience Power Use & Cost Reduction

Autonomous Heavy Vehicles

Support to Suborbital Launches

Introduction into Service and Capability Assurance


Rapid acquisition of three additional CH47F helicopters

Test And Evaluation Training

Battle Management System - Verification & Validation Support

Support to MAN Military Vehicles

Systems Engineering Management Framework

Systems Asset Management approach to high criticality infrastructure selection

Autonomous Systems Advisory and Roadmap

UTM Research and Development in Singapore

Development of Singapore AV Standards



Army Aviation Aircraft Support into service




Safety Assurance for Newcastle Light Rail

Air-to-Air Refuelling Capability

Verification and Validation Support

Support to AIR 7000 – P-8 Poseidon and MQ-4C

Support to the A45 Heron RPA

KC-30 Introduction into Service and Capability Assurance

Augmented Reality Demonstration for Electricity Distribution

Real Time Monitoring Facility

Royal Australian Air Force Aerodrome Airworthiness

Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Verification and Validation Foreign Object Environments

Engineering Safety and Systems Engineering

Rail Industry Safety and Standards Review

Removable Second Driver Station

Safety Assurance Support

Car Park Conversion Safety Assurance Support

Wynyard Station Upgrade Support

Barangaroo Ferry Hub Safety Assurance Support

Power Supply Upgrade

Enhanced tactical UHF communications

Lower Lakes Irrigation Pipeline and Pump Stations Project

Switching Incident Risk Mitigation Project

Electrical Switching Mentor School Operational Risk Management Services and Training

Control Operational Excellence Strategy

Control Room Switching Incident Risk Mitigation Program

Integrated HSE and Risk Management for Generation Projects

Upstream Integration Advisory and Support

Upstream Asset Data Management

Autonomous Haul Production Trial

Cognitive Safety Behaviours and System Safety Programs

Central Business District Network Work Health and Safety Risk Remediation Program

Key People

Rodrigo Osorio

General Manager - Capability & Innovation

Rodrigo is an experienced Engineering Manager, Senior Systems and Certification Engineer with over 18...

Rodrigo is an experienced Engineering Manager, Senior Systems and Certification Engineer with over 18 years of experience in the procurement, integration and management of complex and safety critical aerospace systems. Rodrigo has worked on several major  acquisition projects for the Australian Department of Defence.

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Nick Kemp

Group Chief Strategy & Capability

Reporting to the Group CEO, Nick is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and is responsible ...

Reporting to the Group CEO, Nick is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and is responsible for the leadership and management of Nova’s Strategy, Capability and Marketing functions.  In this capacity, Nick works across the Australia and New Zealand business and is responsible for implementing Nova’s global capability framework.  Nick is an accomplished business leader with over 30 years’ experience across the defence, rail, utilities, medical device and civil aerospace sectors.

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