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Latest News From Nova Systems

Nova Systems Support to Australian Bushfire Efforts

Jan 9, 2020

The thoughts of the Nova Group of Companies (Nova Systems parent company) and our extended family, are with those who have been impacted by the bushfires in Australia.

We are devastated by the scale of the bushfires and as an Australian owned company, the safety of our people and extended community is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to supporting the bushfire response and recovery efforts to help those impacted across Australia.

Nova Group has donated to BlazeAid, a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed. BlazeAid volunteers work in disaster-affected areas to provide long term support, not only helping individuals and families, but also helping rebuild the local communities.

We are providing targeted support including financial assistance and leave to our employees who are affected and to our Emergency Services volunteers assisting recovery operations in our community. Our Australian Defence Forces Reserves employees who are assisting in the bushfire response and recovery, are receiving support through our Reserve Leave policy.

Thank you to those across Australia and internationally, who are helping and supporting the bushfire efforts during this difficult time. Stay safe.



Not just rebuilding fences, but helping rebuild lives. 

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Nova Systems #17 In ADM Top 40 Defence Contractors

Jan 7, 2020

Nova Systems is pleased to have placed at #17 in ADM’s 2019 Top 40 Defence Contractors.

Making a considerable move up from #29 in 2018, Nova Systems Defence business recorded revenue growth of $48.5m, a record year for the fast growing professional services company.

2019 was a big year for Nova as they strengthened their commitment to Defence and Industry through their role as a Major Service Provider to CASG, and enhanced their offering through their innovative technology solutions.

Nova Systems was named amongst Australia’s Most Innovative Companies in the AFR BOSS Awards, and also took out Graduate Program of the Year at the Inaugural Defence Connect Defence and Industry Awards.

2020 looks to be just as significant, with Nova Systems celebrating 20 years and their proud heritage of solving the problems that really matter.

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Nova Systems wins big at the 2019 AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE INDUSTRY AWARDS

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Media Release | A Step Closer to Safe Drone Operations

Dec 16, 2019

Nova Systems has successfully completed the second stage of flight trials for the first UAS Traffic Management (UTM) trials in Singapore.

The two-year project is focused on enabling safe and efficient Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) delivery operations and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) within Singapore’s densely populated urban environment.

Responding to Singapore’s Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore’s (CAAS) Call-for-Proposal, Nova Systems leads a consortium in close collaboration with OneSky. The remit of the consortium is to isolate the necessary mix of systems and technologies required to support the integration of drones in low-level airspace and safely coordinate their movement. Other significant partners collaborating in this flight test included M1, Scout Aerial, and Rohde and Schwarz.

“We are delighted that stage two of the trials were completed successfully. Working alongside our impressive partners and industry experts, it is an exciting time for the UAS industry and Singapore” said CE Nova Systems Asia- Pacific Bret Barton.

“With most UAS operations limited to Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) today, air taxis and commercial drones will ultimately need to be operated autonomously and Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS).”

As one of the supporting partners for Volocopter and Skyports’ demonstration of the world’s first flying taxi hub in Singapore, Nova Systems understands the importance of investigating the suitability of the networks and navigation performance for drone operations, at low altitude in urban cities.

“Our trials have completed a study of the telecommunication network in Singapore, focused on establishing comprehensive 4G coverage maps. This is critical for the future conduct of low-level airspace operations in urban environments due to the safety driven requirement for reliable communication links between the UAS, the ground control station and any traffic coordinating bodies“.

“We’ve achieved a few significant, world leading milestones during this suite of trials, particularly in expanding the assessed operational envelope for a drone’s communication and navigation performance in Singapore. One significant milestone is the progressive flight testing from 0-1000 feet, testing of LTE connectivity and importantly, doing so in densely populated areas such as the Marina Bay Financial Centre where infrastructure introduces many urban canyon effects, and maritime environments such as Keppel Bay”.

“Our team highlights that the safety and operational suitability of UTM and UAM operations employing 4G/5G telecommunications, requires focused effort to first establish signal latency, availability, integrity and continuity and subsequently isolate what the required performance needs to be.”

“Our efforts during these flight trials to capture this information, and subsequently model the data to isolate performance requirements, is fundamental to bringing drone delivery and passenger transport closer to reality.”

The next round of flight trials will be held in 2020, with an expansive review of the UTM prototype’s functionality against an operational backdrop of multi-platform drones conducting a mix of VLOS and BVLOS operations.

Nova Systems

Nova Systems is a global technical consultancy and professional services firm, using systems engineering as the core discipline to solve technological problems and deliver world-class solutions to our clients.

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Media Contact: Sarah de Valence

Position: Group Communications Manager

Telephone: 07 3129 2237



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Media Release | Nova Systems Helps Forgotten Heroes Fly Again

Dec 2, 2019

In 1919, four Australian diggers became the first men to fly across the globe. New documentary, The Greatest Air Race, is helping these forgotten heroes fly again.

Screening nationally in December, their story has been brought to life thanks to the support of Australian owned Nova Systems.

The four-man team crew led by South Australian Sir Ross Smith flew from London to Darwin in a Vickers Vimy bi-plane. Sitting in open cockpits with only a compass for navigation, they flew 18,000km in 28 days – a pioneering feat of endurance that opened the world to trans-global flight.

One hundred years later, the story of their victory in an audacious post-war race is being retold in an hour-long documentary to screen on SBS, 7.30pm, Sunday December 8, 2019.

“We are proud to share the incredible Australian story that propelled aviation forward across the globe” said Steven Robinson, Chief Executive Nova Systems Australia.

“The desire of these pioneering pilots to lead from the front inspired the world and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit we strive to embody at Nova.”

Pilot and Nova Group Chairman, Nova Systems’ parent company, Jim Whalley calls it ‘a brilliant Australian story with global perspectives and international importance’.

“The work we do at Nova owes so much to the legacy of the four men who flew the Vimy – in fact, all the brave aviators who took part in the Great Air Race – and we’re delighted to help give that story the prominence it deserves.”

According to director and producer Susan Harrington, the assistance from Nova Systems was vital. “We couldn’t have got it off the ground without the help of Nova. Having Jim Whalley’s aviation experience on-side was truly invaluable – and he also flew the chopper that helped us capture air-to-air footage in the closing segments.”

Nova Systems was part of the production, providing support as well as aerial services to Adelaide-based filmmakers, All Of Us Productions.

Using rarely seen footage from 1919, The Greatest Air Race relives the trials, tragedies and triumphs of a contest that was ‘certain to end in death’.

Adelaide-born astronaut, Andy Thomas, goes on location in Adelaide, Darwin, outback Australia and London, to meet with aviation experts, historians and vintage aircraft enthusiasts. He makes a stunning discovery: the Vimy aircraft is as significant as the Apollo moon lander. Sir Ross Smith was the Neil Armstrong of his day.

The Greatest Air Race (And The Heroes The World Forgot) is provisionally scheduled to be broadcast on SBS, Sunday December 8 at 7.30pm. International broadcasts are being scheduled for 2020.

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View the documentary. 

Nova Systems

Nova Systems is a an Australian owned and operated Global Professional Service Provider, specialising in the provision of technology enabling solutions and world class expertise to deliver complex capabilities and systems and solve technologically challenging problems. We solve the problems that really matter.

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Media Contact: Sarah de Valence

Position: Group Communications Manager

Telephone: 07 3129 2237


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