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Latest News From Nova Systems

Nova Systems Sponsors Aerospace Futures 2019

Jul 10, 2019

Nova Systems is sponsoring the 2019 Aerospace Futures Conference.

Taking place on Tuesday 16 July at the University of Sydney, the conference is an event designed to engage and inspire Australian students interested in Aerospace.

Occurring across state capitals annually, the Aerospace Futures conference is an important event in the Australian aerospace industry calendar run by youth for youth.

The event covers civil aviation, defence, astronomy, geospatial intelligence, space science and engineering. To this date, the event has been an immense success with a total of 1000 student delegates, 80 organisations involved.

Nova Systems is proud to support the student-led event, committed to providing opportunities for students and young professionals through their graduate program.

Recognising people are there greatest asset, Nova Systems provides a great place to work and a wide range of opportunities to solve the problems that really matter.

For students and young professionals, the timing and location Aerospace Futures 2019 is impeccable with the rapid growth and development of the Australian Space Agency. The event will attract a wide variety of prestigious industry speakers from around NSW and beyond.

Targeting a record 250 student delegates and 400 invited professionals, the event is focused towards undergraduates, postgraduates and young professionals from across Australia and New Zealand.

With strong support from government, industry and academia, the conferences celebrates Australia’s aerospace industry and inspires the next generation to move into various aerospace sectors responsible for the development of Australia as a nation.

Learn more about our Graduate Program here.

Aerospace Futures 2019

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Nova Systems Sponsors Boigu Island in “Battle of the Islands” Football Tournament

Jul 4, 2019

Nova Systems is proud to sponsor the men’s and women’s Boigu Island touch football teams in the Torres Strait Islands 2019 “Battle of the Islands” tournament!

Taking place from Tuesday 30 July to Sunday 4 August on Thursday island, the football tournament provides an opportunity for the Torres Strait Islander communities to come together to represent their respective islands and offers indigenous youths an opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities.

Representing Boigu Island are 32 male and female indigenous youths competing in the 2019 touch football tournament.

Due to the extremely remote nature of these islands, the opportunities for the islander communities to compete in tournaments such as these are limited and often rely on the support of sponsors such as Nova Systems.

Rich in history and tradition, the Boigu Island is a low-lying mud flat island, sitting approximately 1.6m above sea level in the top Western cluster of the Torres Strait.

The Boigu people hold a strong connection to the land, sea and sky, relying on their traditional knowledge to safely travel the waterways to other islands and mainland Australia and hunt for and gather food.

In recent years, the island has been significantly impacted by changing weather patterns and noticeable increases in rising sea levels.

Boigu Island’s community and traditional landowners are concerned that the reality of rising sea levels brings the risk that Boigu Island and other low-lying communities on Australia’s borders.

The island community and Nova Systems are focused on raising awareness of the environmental threat Boigu Island and others are now facing.

Nova Systems is proud to support the passionate Boigu Island community, rich in tradition and culture. Good luck!

Learn more about the team here:

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Nova Systems Major Sponsor of DTC 2019 Defence Industry Awards

Jul 1, 2019

Nova Systems is a proud sponsor of the Defence Teaming Centre’s (DTC) Annual Defence Industry Awards for 2019.

As a member of DTC, Nova  Systems supports their mission to achieve an innovative and sustainable defence industry for Australia, aligned to strategic requirements and able to contribute to national economic activity.

DTC’s Annual Awards is the premier event of its kind and last year attracted more than 540 guests, from more than 200 companies.

The event is well attended by both State and Federal Government representatives, defence primes and industry SMEs who connect and network throughout the evening.

Structured to maximise networking opportunities for attendees, the event showcases the award-winning achievements from within the DTC membership.

The Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) is an industry association with membership of about 200 organisations that employ in excess of 17,000 workers in South Australia.

DTC members include Prime contractors (Primes), small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and professional service providers (PSPs) who are actually or potentially involved in supplying and/or supporting defence and related capabilities and/or are influenced by Defence and related business policies or purchasing decisions.

In addition to other activities the DTC is responsible for project managing two alliances/clusters, of one of which is the Australian Aerospace Alliance (AAA) that includes space.

Nova Systems wishes all the nominee’s good luck for the 2019 awards!


When: Thursday 4 July 2019
Welcome Reception: 6.45PM
Dinner & Awards Ceremony: 7.45PM

Where: Adelaide Convention Centre, North Tce

Dress code: Black tie or formal. Mess kit or miniatures may be worn

Member pricing: 
Single ticket: $190
Table of 10: $1,900 (includes complimentary table branding and logo in event program)

Non-member pricing:
Single ticket: $260
Table of 10: $2,600 (includes complimentary table branding and logo in event program)

Register here:



The Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) is a nationally-focused member organisation connecting and supporting Australian industry to develop capability and increase overall competitiveness in domestic and global defence markets.

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Media Release | Nova Systems Undertakes R&D of UAS UTM Technologies

Jun 24, 2019

Nova Systems, in close collaboration with OneSky, a business unit of Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI), currently leads a consortium that is undertaking research and development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) technologies.

This is one of the projects awarded under the Call-for-Proposal by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), to develop systems and technologies to enable the innovative and wide-ranging use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Singapore’s densely populated urban environment.

The consortium recently completed the first of its planned suite of trials to be conducted over 2 years. The initial trial focused on assessing the suitability of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) telecommunications networks in Singapore, which is critical before commercial Urban UAS operations and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) can scale in a commercially viable manner. Nova Systems partners, Analytical Graphics Inc (AGI), Scout Aerial Media, M1 Limited, and Rohde and Schwarz all contributed to the planning and successful conduct of the trial activity.

Command and Non-Payload Communication (CNPC) is a critical function for UAS operations. To date, most UAS operations in civil airspace have been limited to Visual Line of Sight (VLOS), with Beyond VLOS generally only through exception. For most of these operations, direct Radio Frequency (RF) CNPC has been enough for the relatively simple operating environment. However, to truly scale the commercial potential of UAS technology, ubiquitous BVLOS operations must become a reality.

The most likely medium for supporting wide-scale BVLOS CNPC in Urban and Metropolitan areas is 4G and 5G telecommunication. Moreover, it is likely that the communication network may also underpin UTM surveillance services, and in the instances where networked Real-time kinematic (RTK), Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is employed, also support navigation services. Accordingly, it is critical that the suitability of the 4G and 5G networks for supporting UAS operations, UTM and Urban Air Mobility is determined.

Several challenges exist that the Nova Systems consortium aim to resolve. First, extant telecommunication networks were not designed to optimise connectivity for vehicle traffic at altitude. Moreover, the prospect of co-channel interference from base-stations at greater distances expands significantly, disrupting design assumptions for handover algorithms which have been optimised over signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) assumptions at ground level. The degree of interference that airborne users will pose to the existing network client base also needs to be better understood.

Importantly, there is very little empirical evidence demonstrating performance for key aerospace communication metrics including latency, availability, continuity and integrity. Knowledge of these effects, in tandem with vehicle performance dynamics will be critical in establishing standards that will underpin separation requirements from buildings and other airborne platforms, and in turn, key UTM services such as route design, conformance monitoring, conflict detection and alerting, strategic deconfliction, alongside dynamic geofencing and rerouting.

Nova Systems and their partners have started to address these challenges, recently conducting a successful suite of trials in Singapore from 14th to 19th April. The trials were designed to examine these effects for the M1 network, with a short-term intent to map coverage in strategically selected regions that typically erode signal propagation in different ways. The long-term intent is to produce a comprehensive LTE coverage map for Singapore, but also produce predictive models that can be deployed in other cities.

In the next suite of trials, the consortium will explore the capabilities of a customised UTM prototype being developed by the AGI OneSky team and Nova Systems, with operations to include BVLOS flight and further expand our CNPC coverage and modelling efforts.

For further information on this project, or to discuss partnerships, please contact Dr Terry Martin, or on +61 423 256 214.

Nova Systems Consortium UTM Trails


Nova Systems

Nova Systems is a global technical consultancy and professional services firm, using systems engineering as the core discipline to solve technological problems and deliver world-class solutions to our clients.

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Media Release | Nova Systems Delivers New Courses to Support the Safety Certification of Military EO

Jun 19, 2019

Nova Systems is pleased to announce their new suite of courses to support the Safety Certification of Military Explosive Ordnance (EO).

Designed to support the Australian EO community, Nova Systems’ EO training capability encourages the development and on-going maintenance of current and future EO Certification engineers.

“We have always been committed to support the on-going development and professionalisation of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) EO Certification community” said Chief Executive Nova Systems ANZ Steven Robinson.

“Our new courses provide an introduction to EO for Defence Industry, and we anticipate these courses will evolve moving forward to create a training pathway for on-going professional development and maintenance of these key skillsets.”

With 10 courses on offer, the new suite of EO Certification courses will provide attendees with an understanding of the fundamental requirements for the Certification of ADF EO, as articulated in the ADF’s Explosive Ordnance Safety Program.

From courses on EO safety cases through to the fundamentals of EO Test and Evaluation, the courses cater to all professionals in Defence Industry and the ADF, including Project Managers, Engineering Managers, Logisticians and Certification Engineers.

Nova Systems’ team of highly skilled specialists combine their real-world experience and significant depth of expertise, to deliver the courses which are critical in ensuring the continued availability of military EO capability in support of current and future ADF operations.

Known for bringing the best training development practices to their customers, Nova Systems is a Registered Training Organisation (Nova Aerospace RTO code 40262) that can tailor their training solutions to meet their customer’s needs at a post graduate level or through delivering accredited training.

Nova Systems’ EO Certification courses are available nationally. Register now.

Nova Systems

Nova Systems is a an Australian owned and operated Global Professional Service Provider, specialising in the provision of technology enabling solutions and world class expertise to deliver complex capabilities and systems and solve technologically challenging problems. We solve the problems that really matter.

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Media Contact: Sarah de Valence

Position: Group Communications Manager

Telephone: 07 3129 2237


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