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Latest News From Nova Systems

Nova Shortlisted - A20 Leadership Excellence Airspace Awards

Apr 29, 2020

We are delighted to report that we have been named as a finalist for the Aviation/Aerospace Australia (A/AA) A20 Airspace Awards.

“Australia is internationally recognised for its leadership and innovation. A/AA has been strongly focused on raising the profile of the aviation and aerospace sectors, by engaging with industry organisations and individuals, particularly the men, women, leaders and future professionals of tomorrow to provide a suitable platform for the recognition and acknowledgement of outstanding achievements, leadership and innovation excellence. 

The Aviation/Aerospace Australia Leadership and Excellence Awards will be presented to individuals, teams and companies who have demonstrated leadership and dedication to the aviation or aerospace sectors in Australia.”Aviation/Aerospace Australia

Nova Systems is a finalist in the ‘Outstanding Strategy For Diversity‘ category. This award recognises a unique strategy to accelerate the progression towards a more well balanced industry through attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. As an organisation we are dedicated to creating a culture of diversity, inclusion and equality, and in so doing, deliver on its promise of being a people-focused employer and a great place to work.

Novan and Systems Engineer extraordinaire, Erin Madden, has also been named as a finalist for the ‘Outstanding Next Generation Professional A/AA NextGenNetwork‘ category. This award recognises a young professional (under 35) who has excelled in their chosen aviation or aerospace sector. Congratulation Erin!

The A20 Airspace Awards Gala Dinner has been postponed until Wednesday 9 September 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congratulations to all of the nominees, we look forward to celebrating with you in September.


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Media Release - Nova Systems and Airbus ink charter to explore partnerships in Australian aerospace sector

Apr 29, 2020

Nova Systems and Airbus have signed a charter to identify future collaborative business opportunities, improve their capabilities through the complementary application of skills, and deliver competitive solutions in the Australian aerospace sector.

Nova Group Global Chief Executive Greg Hume commented on the partnership and the potential for further agreements across the globe.

“Agreements such as this provide Nova Systems the opportunity to collaborate and partner with Defence and Security companies at the leading edge of capability and technology. Nova Systems has capabilities that enable technology through our core specialisations such as Test, Safety and Systems Assurance. This partnership between Nova Systems ANZ and Airbus is a great example of a collaborative relationship providing sovereign services in support of the Australian government’s strategic and national interests”.

Under the agreement, the scope of opportunities may include: equipment acquisition and support programs, provision of engineering services and secondment of personnel.

In speaking of the strategic partnership, Andrew Mathewson Managing Director at Airbus Australia Pacific, highlighted the importance of continuing to grow Australia’s industrial capabilities.

“Airbus’ charter with Nova Systems sets the framework for a long-term collaborative relationship that will deliver real results for Australia’s defence industry capabilities, local jobs and technology upskilling.  Airbus welcomes the opportunity to work closely with innovative enterprises such as Nova Systems to ensure that we continue to deliver the best solutions to our customers”.

In the spirit of cooperation, communication and commitment, the joint endeavours will consider competitiveness, value for money and best for customer outcomes, when exploring future opportunities and projects.

Read more on Defence Connect


About Nova Systems

Nova Systems is an Australian owned and operated Global Professional Service Provider, specialising in the provision of technology enabling solutions and world class expertise to deliver complex capabilities and systems that solve technologically challenging problems. We solve the problems that really matter.


Media Contact

Adam Schirmer

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Flexible Approach to Online Training Delivers Results In COVID-19 Environment

Apr 27, 2020

The onset of COVID-19 has dramatically changed the business world. Nova Systems has been quick to pivot and, utilising technology, provide a more flexible approach to ensure results for our clients. While countries around the world began to lock down due to COVID-19, Nova continued to deliver an inaugural air defence network, C2 and weapon engineering course to a client in Singapore, through remote delivery by our Australian-based instructors.

The course comprises of ten modules seven of which designed to be given face to face by six instructors from Australia. As soon as it became clear that face to face delivery would not be possible, Nova Training Capability and IT teams provided critical support including:

  • Conduct immediate training on use of video conference software to trainers.
  • Provide guidance and the conduct of instructions from either Nova office or from home.
  • Schedule online lesson slots for the modules using video conference software.
  • Coordinated with team in Singapore to enable access to planned lesson schedule and to host the meeting rooms.

This is indeed a very apt time to describe the science and engineering behind satellite communications, in the context of helping to ensure business continuity of organisations and bringing the world closer together! This was the first time our client has had a course delivered via video conference and the Course Manager intends to highlight it as a success story and explore this method of delivery in the future.

We are proud to be able to continue delivering services to our clients during this challenging period. Most critically, this endeavour has demonstrated our capability – technology, people, attitude – to deliver quality client focused services in a dynamic and unpredictable environment.

In a world dominated by economic upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nova is committed to sustaining operations while being proactive and undertaking new approaches to ensure we continue to deliver solutions to the problems that really matter.

Nova Training is currently updating courses for online delivery via a Virtual Classroom – maintaining the Face To Face training quality of our specialist instructors.  Our plan is to maintain the current calendar and continue to deliver quality training  via Zoom – Education. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Registered Training Organisation
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Management
  • Specialist Engineering Training
  • Specialist Vocational Training


View full course list here.


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20 years of providing sovereign Australian capability to solve the problems that really matter

Apr 16, 2020

Nova Systems is the largest Australian owned and controlled defence engineering services company. Since our foundation in Adelaide 20 years ago, Nova Systems and its people have been providing sovereign capability to the Australian Defence Force – playing a critical role in the defence and security of our nation.

As an organisation which has grown from two employees 20 years ago, to over 850 across Australia and around the globe, we are accustomed to navigating and finding solutions to solve the problems that matter with pace and agility.

With revenue of over AUD 200 million, Nova Systems is a significant contributor to the Australian economy and national supply chain – providing jobs for Australians and contributing to the nation’s GDP. Within the last five years, Nova Systems has:

  • Invested over AUD 17 million growing in-country capability and technologies and has transferred this Australian know-how to other markets around the world, including 3 of the 5 five eyes nations;
  • Invested over AUD 8 million in innovation programs to further strengthen and enhance our offerings, delivering sovereign specialist outcomes to our endusers;
  • Contributed to the Australian economy through company tax revenues over AUD 16 Million; and
  • Invested over AUD 12 million on acquisitions as part of its growth strategy

Nova continues to invest in upskilling its workforce – as this is at the heart of how we go about solving complex problems. Nova has invested AUD 10 million of expenditure over the last five years in the continued development of our employees. In addition, as part of our on-going commitment to growing the future workforce pipeline for industry, we have invested in the Nova Systems Graduate Program which has matured to over 40 paid full-time graduates on two-year rotations, with a further 25 planned for the 2021 intake.

Nova continues to support key Defence platforms by providing long term support to operational assets and future technology programs. With many ex-Australian Defence Force members employed at Nova – we continue to collaborate with defence and industry at this critical time and endeavour to do what we do best – solve the problems that really matter.
Nova Systems is proud to be part of Australia’s defence and security industry and we will continue our commitment to work along-side you. As the largest privately owned Defence company in Australia, the investments we make in developing sovereign capability, stay here in Australia – providing jobs for Australians for the benefit of our economy and for the Defence and security of our nation.

Nova Systems has delivered sovereign capability to Australia’s defence forces including specialist engineering, test, management and/or systems integration services over its 20-year history

  • MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopter
  • CH-47 Chinook Heavy-Lift Helicopters
  • PC21 Pilot Training System
  • F-35A Joint Strike Fighter and F18 Super Hornet
  • E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft
  • OneSKY – Air Traffic Control
  • Fixed Base Defence Air Traffic Management
  • Hawkeii Protected Mobility Vehicle
  • Air Warfare Destroyer and Anzac Class Frigate
  • Future and Collins Class Submarines
  • UHF Military and Next Generation SATCOM
  • Maritime Communications Modernisation

Download: Sovereign Australian Capability  

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Ask an Astronaut!

Apr 14, 2020

Ever wondered if Space Suits are comfortable? Or if your ears pop when you leave the atmosphere?

Children across our Nova community asked all the hard questions to Pamela Melroy, Astronaut and Nova Systems very own Director of Space Technology and Policy, one of two women who have ever commanded a Space Shuttle Mission.


Download: Kids Space Activity Sheet


Here are some some of the questions Pam answered for our budding scientists.


Thank you Pam – your Ask an Astronaut session was a big hit across our community!

Nova Systems is a family focused employer, as it is our people who are our greatest asset.
Find out more here.


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