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Latest News From Nova Systems

Nova Group named amongst Australia's Most Innovative Companies

Sep 21, 2017

Nova Group – Nova Systems parent brand – has again been listed amongst Australia’s Most Innovative Companies list for the fifth time in six years.

Listed at #41, Nova Group were praised for:

“Unleashing the economic and community benefits of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) across Australia – The Nova Group developed an approach to permit multiple UAVs to operate simultaneously in the same airspace. We balanced commercial complexity to the risk of the operations and proved safety through flight trials. This allowed the regulator to allow out of sight operations for the market using The Nova Group’s new approach.”

Find the full list here: 50 Most Innovative Companies 

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Media Article | Look to the skies

Sep 20, 2017

Media Article | Look to the skies

Though the world’s largest meeting of great space minds – the International Astronautical Congress – comes to Adelaide next week, Australia is largely absent from the space industry.

Words: Peter Nikoloff

There are few moments in history more iconic than the first moon landing.

Moments like these expand human imagination and change the course of history. Space exploration and human space flight inspire us to achieve more.

These endeavours also changed our daily lives and drove research and development across many technologies and industries. Thousands of young people in the Apollo era were inspired to study aeronautics, engineering, and physics.

I’m an example of this. I remember as a young kid going to the “S” section of our family’s encyclopaedia (no internet in those days) and studying the ‘space’ section. I was fascinated by the achievements of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. I eventually became an Aeronautical Engineer, advancing my dream that one day I might play my part in the fantastic endeavours taking place out of this world.

Australia is no stranger to important space endeavours. As far back as the late 1940s the Woomera Rocket Range was established in SA. Australia became one of early nations to build and launch a satellite into orbit when WRESAT was launched in 1967. Australia also played a critical role in the early stages of NASA’s manned missions which included establishing ground tracking stations in Western Australia, Woomera and New South Wales. Today Australia hosts deep space tracking for NASA and the European Space Agency, and is supporting Japan’s asteroid sample recovery missions.


The International Astronautical Congress takes place in Adelaide September 25-29.

And while space exploration inspires people to reach for the stars, it also forces people to think about the Earth’s ecosystem. Pictures of the earth from space show us how small and potentially fragile our planet really is. As well as exploring the cosmos, space observations encourage us to focus on protecting what we have on Earth.

From a practical point of view, too, space endeavours can help our economy. To achieve in space, a country requires a well-educated and motivated workforce. This is something we sorely need if we are to grow and strengthen Australia’s economic and social well-being.

If we are serious about improving our self-reliance in space and gaining our fair share of the huge and growing global space economy, we need a strong, focused and balanced national space policy and strategy.

This requires some investment in areas where Australia has certainly fallen behind – in things like earth observation systems that support communication and navigation; space awareness capacity to offer greater national security; exploration programs that could train and keep experts in the country; and a strong base of space-related businesses and industry.

The first and highest priority for the Australian Government should be to develop a comprehensive space policy supported by a long term strategy and investment plan. We at the Space Industry Association of Australia strongly advocate for such a program, overseen by an Australian Space Agency with leadership at the highest level.

These might seem like bold steps, but they will enable Australia to take its place on the international stage and will drive space industry growth at home, thus ensuring that the fantastic endeavours of space will be  once more within the reach of young Australians

Find the original article here

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Nova Systems and Advanced Digital Sciences Center collaborate on R&D project

Sep 18, 2017

Nova Systems and Advanced Digital Sciences Center collaborate on R&D project to improve Safety and Security in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Traffic Management in Singapore

Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF), through the Singapore Cyber Security Consortium, has awarded Nova Systems and Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) a grant to embark on a research project aimed at improving the safety and security in UAS Traffic Management.

On the significance of the grant, Ryan Lee, Managing Director (Asia) of Nova Systems says, “This is the first time that Nova Systems has been awarded a research grant by the NRF.  The research project signifies the company’s commitment to invest and build sovereign capabilities in Singapore to support the Smart Nation initiatives, and strengthen protection of smart network and critical infrastructure in Singapore and beyond.

The project with ADSC, a leading research institution established in Singapore by the University of Illinois and known for its work on network and control systems security of critical infrastructure, presents an opportunity to address safety and security requirements in the emerging field of UAS Traffic Management.  Nova Systems and ADSC will be supported by industry safety assurance and security management expert Critical Systems Labs Inc. and cyber security firm NSHC Security.

The participation of NSHC, a Red Teaming specialist, presents an unique opportunity to challenge the traditional paradigm of system design and development, and propel the “shift left strategy” for cyber security to be considered at the earliest possible stage of system development.  This approach will aim to strengthen design and development processes to ensure that safety and security work in synergy and tandem downstream.

Nova Systems recognises the increasing cyber security threats and risks posed to aviation operations and the need to incorporate the highest possible cyber-security expertise, harmonised with safety assurance as a principal consideration in the aviation industry.  This collaboration with ADSC, Critical Systems Lab and NSHC Security creates a unique team composition and approach to offer a complete safety and security management solutions to the aviation industry with industry experts in safety and security, research institution and red teaming mindset and approach rolled into one common aim to promote and instil safety, security and system engineering approach to safeguard mission and safety critical infrastructure.

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Media Article | How South Australia could propel itself to a big share of the $400 billion global space economy

Sep 11, 2017

How South Australia could propel itself to a big share of the $400 billion global space economy


IN two weeks, Adelaide will welcome an estimated 4000 space industry heavyweights from around the globe.

The International Astronautical congress, which has been held every year since 1950, is the premier meeting of the global space community.

Hosted by the International Astronautical Federation, International Academy of Astronautics and International Institute of Space Law, this year’s event will include lectures and presentations about life on Mars, outer space settlements, solar sailing, space junk retrieval missions and South Australia’s role in the development of space tugs and buses.

Founder and chief executive of Space X and Tesla, multi-millionaire businessman Elon Musk, plans to provide delegates with an update on his plans for colonising Mars.

South Australian-born astronaut Andy Thomas will deliver a keynote address at a networking event with guests including heads of space agencies, astronauts, international parliamentarians and senior industry representatives.

One of the world’s leading science educators, Planetary Society chief executive Bill Nye, will discuss solar-sailing spacecrafts that are seen as the possible future of interstellar space travel…..

View the full article here. 

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Nova Group listed in AFR Top 500 Privately Owned Companies

Sep 7, 2017

Nova Group – Nova Systems parent company – has again been listed in the Australian Financial Review, Top 500 Private Companies List.

Listed at #438, the Group showed a 27.3% increase in revenue from 2016 to climb 25 positions.

View the full list here

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