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Latest News From Nova Systems


Sep 9, 2019

Nova Group – Nova Systems parent company – has been listed at #355 in the Australian Financial Review (AFR), Top 500 Private Companies List for 2019.

The Nova Group reported an 36.4% increase in revenue from 2018 climbing 51 spots from #406.

The list includes public unlisted companies, partnerships, associations and private companies.

IBISWorld’s Whitepaper Special Report: The Top 500 Private Companies in perspective, also recognised Nova Group in the Top 25 Fastest Growing companies.

View the full list here.

View the white paper here.

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This year’s AFR Most Innovative Companies list is rich with engineering and tech innovation

Sep 2, 2019

Engineering and tech companies rank among the latest Australian Financial Review (AFR) BOSS Most Innovative Companies – and startups and small operations are holding their own.

In a change from previous years, the 2019 AFR Most Innovative Companies list is broken down into 10 categories by industry sector, including: technology; manufacturing; government education and not-for-profit; health; agriculture, mining and utilities; construction and transport; and professional services.

Judges assessed companies’ track records in innovation over the past year, and also surveyed employees to assess company culture and understand what drove their innovative attitude. In the professional services category, engineering companies Nova Systems, Aurecon and Accenture were all in the top 10 – coming in third, fourth and ninth, respectively.

Nova Systems was recognised for their digital twin computer models of engineering operations, Aurecon for software automation in building information management (BIM), and Accenture for a virtual reality system that helps employees understand their unconscious biases.

“By returning time to the infrastructure design process via software automation … we have freed up engineers to do what adds most value – creative design and pushing the boundaries of what is possible,” said Dr Kourosh Kayvani, Aurecon Managing Director – Design, Innovation & Eminence.

Construction giant Lendlease placed second in the property, construction and transport category for their work in creating precast headstocks for the Richmond River Bridge in Sydney, which is the first four-lane bridge to be constructed with a single precast headstock.

Lendlease was joined in the top 10 for construction by two smaller operations: Dempsey Wood, which has created a trailer-based Burn & Blow machine to speed up evaporation from the soil to prepare it for compaction; and Kingfield Galvanising, which has implemented an innovative environmental management system to optimise production and reduce emissions.

Is bigger better?

One of the interesting things about the new-look rankings is that startups and smaller companies are ranking alongside – or overtaking – their larger counterparts.

For instance, the government and not-for-profit list is topped by tech startup Penten, which has just 52 employees, including 40 engineers. The company has been recognised for their AltoCrypt Stik – a USB device used with laptops or tablets to allow defence and government users to connect to sensitive networks over WiFi. The leading manufacturing company, custom-printer Easy Signs, also has under 60 staff.

The highest ranking company in the agriculture, mining and utilities category is GroundProbe – which employs just over 180 people. GroundProbe took out the top spot in last year’s rankings for its Geotechnical Monitoring LiDAR, and was this year recognised for its SSR-Omni slope stability radar tech.

The gong for best overall innovation program across all categories went to technology company Custom Innovation Co (CIC) for its smartphone-based full-body scanning tool and 3D printing technology that can produce life-sized, recyclable mannequins for use in custom tailoring.

CIC, which has just 30 staff members, credited a company culture of learning from mistakes as key to its success. The company has even entrenched that motto in their official culture statement (although they use stronger language).

Co-founder and head of technology David McLaughlin said that this is a key difference between small companies like his and larger organisations.

“Where people make mistakes at larger organisations, they will often try to cover it up or pass on the blame,” he said.

Common ground

Besides learning from mistakes, a trait that sets innovative organisations apart is a user-centric mindset from start to finish, said Amantha Imber, list co-founder and CEO of Inventium.

“In the top-ranking companies, employees are 62 per cent more likely to bring customers into the innovation process to identify relevant problems to solve,” she said in a piece for the AFR. 

Users bookend the process; this year’s most innovative companies were 72 per cent more likely than the bottom 10 to involve customers towards the end, during experimentation.

And once innovation hits, she said successful companies recognise and reward employees for their efforts. For example, GroundProbe rewards staff with more time to work on innovation, and many companies on the list offer benefits for innovative behaviour ranging from money to additional training.


View the original article by Create Digital here.


NOVA SYSTEMS INSIGHTS – Digital Twin for Energy and Resources Sectors

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2019 Nova Directors Award Winners

Aug 29, 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Nova Group Directors Awards!

Each year, Nova Systems parent company, Nova Group, recognises the outstanding achievements of their people across the group (Nova Systems, GVH Aerospace, Geoplex, two10degrees) in the annual Directors Awards.

The Directors of the Nova Group (Nova Aerospace Pty Ltd) believe it is important to recognise those outstanding performers, focusing on characteristics such as attitude and drive in the Nova spirit, a positive influence on the team and consistent outstanding performance.

Additionally, Nova’s core values of Trust, Professionalism, Passion and Community, define how we treat our people, our clients and frame how we work with our peers.

Nova is proud to have so many dedicated and talented people whose passion and drive continues to ensure Nova’s success and we continue to be a great place to work.


Outstanding Achievement in Corporate Services

Finalists: Pam Medder, Serena Macalister, Huai-Ping Lee

Winner: Pam Medder, Project Support Officer – Nova Systems ANZ, Adelaide


Outstanding Achievement for the Provision of Innovative Solutions

Finalists: You-Song Tien, Sean Tuttle,

Winner: Lauren Ryan, Project Support Officer – Nova Systems ANZ


Outstanding Achievement in Management

Finalists: Peter Tippner, Jemille Jenkins

Winner: Greg Wicks, Operations Director EMEA – GVH Aerospace


Outstanding Consultant

Finalists: Sarah Cannard, Zi Huang

Finalists: Tim Grabert, Senior Systems Engineer – Nova Systems ANZ


Outstanding Project Management

Finalists: Annabel Roseler, Jaco Loubser

Winner: Mark Wagstaff, Senior Systems Engineer – Nova Systems ANZ


Outstanding Achievement in the Maintenance of the Nova Culture

Finalists: Tim Butler, Michael Ziebell

Winner: Sam Ludowyk, Engineer – GVH Aerospace


Outstanding Citizen

Finalists: Lauren Ryan, Susan Turner

Winner: Natalie Porter, Senior Project Manager – Nova Systems ANZ


Outstanding Contribution to Health & Safety

Finalists: Carol Ann Logue, BJ Martin

Winner: Mark Purvis, Capability & Innovation Manager Europe – Nova Systems UK


Outstanding Contribution to the Nova Team

Finalists: Paul Dorsett, Colin Hickman

Winner: Dillon Aero Incorporated

View our Nova Group Board of Directors here. 

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Nova IGS Network Delivers Space Ground Connectivity to Peterborough, SA

Aug 27, 2019

Nova IGS Network, sister company to Nova Systems, is pleased to announce their ground station-as-a-service site in Peterborough, South Australia is now operational.

Delivering space ground connectivity for small satellite operators, the Nova IGS Network offers a strategically positioned ground network in Australia.

“With South Australia fast becoming known as Australia’s Space hub following the establishment of the Australian Space Agency HQ and Lot Fourteen, and with the announcement of the SmartSat CRC, Peterborough was the ideal location for the founding node of our ground station network” said GM Communication, Information and Space, Nick Pengelly.

“The ground station brings a new and sought-after capability to Peterborough and South Australia, offering a highly capable ground station service and R&D test bed for organisations needing to test concepts and ideas in the real environment.

“We believe the IGS network will become a critical element of Australia’s space industry eco-system and we are delighted to be working closely with Peterborough Council CEO, Peter McGuinness to have the opportunity to contribute to the generation of innovation and growth in the district.”

Defence SA has thrown their support behind the initiative designed to have the capacity to support the SA Government and Australian Space Agency activity out of Lot Fourteen, as well as catering for the data download needs of the ever-increasing number of satellites and constellations.

Nova IGS Network has recently completed construction works for initial customers on the site.  The network has also commenced upgrading the fibre connection to the Peterborough site, which will achieve backhaul download capacity in excess of 10GBps.

Tailored to meet the needs of current and future Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) small satellite missions, the Nova IGS Network currently offers ACMA approved spectrum licenses for the conduct of UHF, S-band and X-band operations.

Nova IGS Network is an Australian owned company, boasting Australia’s preeminent SATCOM capability with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Nova IGS Network

Nova IGS Network delivers Space ground connectivity through the provision of ground state capacity for small satellite operators.

End –


Media Contact: Sarah de Valence

Position: Group Communications Manager

Telephone: 07 3129 2237


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Nova’s TacPlanner improves satellite management

Aug 27, 2019

Nova Systems is coming to the close of a multi-year program developing a tool called TacPlanner, which will allow Defence’s Satellite Operations Planning Cell (SatOps) to better manage the ADF’s satellite communication assets.

ADM spoke to Nick Pengelly and Neil Hathaway from Nova to talk about how their technology will improve the ADF’s communications environment by maximising the planning and management efficiency of the ADF’s UHF SATCOM Capability.

“We knew UHF SATCOM Planning and Management needed to be more streamlined to support the growing space segment resources,” Pengelly said.

“We found that there was no quick and simple way for [SatOps] to grab a status shot for their UHF satellite communications.”

“CIOG needed something that was streamlined, like some sort of software product that would actually save them a lot of time and money in overall UHF SATCOM management.”

Nova’s above-the-line program utilised an agile development methodology to find a solution to the problem, consulting regularly with Defence to generate iterative refinements of the software application.

“We would work in short time slices and at the end of every one of those we’d have a working version of the software, and so about every month we usually got the customer out and we got them handling the tool,” Hathaway said. “We got their feedback about what was adding value, what wasn’t really adding value and we tracked all that.”

One of the challenges to this iterative approach was getting passionate developers used to constructive criticisms from end users.

“If you think about a traditional high performing team of passionate people, if you tell them they’re now working on a slightly different requirement can lead to frustrations,” Hathaway said. “[But] they [the Nova developers] approached the agile process with a very positive attitude; every time the customer gives us some feedback, that’s a really good thing because it means we are adjusting to deliver the product they actually want in a more streamlined approach.”

The next step for TacPlanner could be into NATO, meaning the technology could become an export success story for Australian defence industry.

“We’ve had some preliminary discussions with NATO organisations. They use similar technologies in their UHF satellites and they’re looking at upgrading their systems in coming years,” Hathaway said.

According to Pengelly, some of the credit for TacPlanner’s success belongs with Defence.

“I think that they probably need some credit for supporting this innovative approach to developing a tool like this,” Pengelly said.

View the original article here.

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