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Latest News From Nova Systems


Sep 23, 2019

Nova Group – Nova Systems parent company – has again listed #38 in South Australia’s top 100 companies reported by InDaily’s South Australia Business Index.

Sector: Professional services | Revenue 2019: $180m | Last Year’s Ranking: 38

To be eligible for inclusion in the Index companies must:

  • Be a South Australian entity with an Adelaide ownership register, or be a South Australian operated entity;
  • Be a company founded and majority (50.01 per cent plus) owned by South Australians.

Companies owned in part or whole by government, government agencies and organisations, and registered charities are not eligible for consideration.

Listed entities have a readily ascertainable value per security, allowing for transparent market capitalisation. For unlisted companies, valuations have been estimated using industry margin benchmarking (available from the ABS and ATO) and a consistently applied price to earnings multiple.

View the full list here.

A more detailed review of the data can be found here. 

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Pamela Melroy on Studio 10

Sep 19, 2019

Pam Melroy, Nova Systems very own Director of Space Technology and Policy, is one of two women who have ever commanded a Space Shuttle Mission, and she’s now setting out on her new mission to help accelerate Australia’s space program.

Former NASA Astronaut Pam Melroy Reveals Her New Mission
PG | Lifestyle

Air Date: Wed 18 Sep 2019
Expires: in 29 days

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Blog | Initiatives a workplace could take to support expecting parents

Sep 18, 2019

Since starting at Nova Systems in 2017, I have experienced a huge amount of support and flexibility when it comes to juggling my family and a full time role. Late last year my partner and I decided to extend our family.

Initially I had fears of going through pregnancy again whilst working full time and then the whole return to work process. Having never had a child before whilst working for Nova had me thinking, what will my employer be like when it comes to supporting pregnancy, parental leave and all the things that go along with it?

I opened up the Nova Systems Parental Leave Policy and was pleasantly surprised when I read it in more detail. Some benefits I will receive whilst on parental leave include;

  • 12 weeks of additional paid leave to complement and supplement the existing Government PPL Scheme. This may be taken at full pay or extended to 24 weeks at half pay.
  • Superannuation contributions for up to 52 weeks, plus if I choose to extend my maternity leave, Nova will make a bonus super payment for me if I return after another 52 weeks.
  • Continuous support with my professional development. Nova already gives all employees, no matter their role, a generous professional and personal development allowance each year along with additional study leave to help with this. I am able to utilise this allowance despite being on leave, and my manager has already given me support to complete a course of interest whilst being on leave for the next 12 months. I am also able to utilise a portion of this money to support health related activities – something I am sure will be handy post pregnancy.
  • Event attendance. Working at Nova is fun! They put on so much for us as employees and our families, and I will be encouraged to still attend these events whilst on parental leave. This means I still get to go to footy games, cooking classes, Christmas events plus whip out my safari suit or kaftan on occasion!

Returning to work after taking parental leave has been on my mind since the early months of pregnancy. I often think about what a workplace can do to support parents coming back to work. Some initiatives Nova takes right now are;

  • Breastfeeding facilities.
  • An additional 2 days of personal/carers leave each year.
  • Early discussions about return to work and flexible working arrangements. This is a huge one for me as I am a planner. I like to talk about things early on and have open, honest conversations about expectations. It gives me confidence that Nova is going to be able to support my return to work and the new arrangements I may need.

In addition to the above, during my pregnancy the flexibility and support I have received has been incredible. I have been able to utilise working from home when needed, flexibility with work hours to accommodate all of my prenatal appointments and in general a warm, friendly approach from my manager and peers when it comes to all things pregnancy related.

I am yet to experience returning to work at Nova post parental leave, but I have confidence that my employer will support me with my journey back to the workplace.

Emma Hill, National Talent Acquisition Specialist

Emma Hill is an experienced recruiter with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Skilled in Behavioural Interviewing, Permanent Placement, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, and Temporary Placement, Emma is a strong human resources professional with a Bachelor of Business focused in Marketing and Human Resources from Swinburne University of Technology.

This blog was featured on Work180.


Nova Systems has partnered with Work180 in Australia as part of our commitment to creating a culture of diversity, inclusion and equality and providing a great place to work.

Work180 is an international jobs board that connects smart businesses with talented women.While their focus is on empowering women in the workplace, Work180 is trying to achieve equality for all employees.

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Media Article - ‘An exciting time to be supporting the Australian Navy’: Lee Kormany, Nova Systems

Sep 15, 2019

With Australia’s $95 billion Naval Shipbuilding Plan beginning to take shape, Nova Systems is gearing up to build on its long pedigree of supporting Australia’s leading-edge naval capabilities, beginning with the Hobart Class.

As a maritime nation, Australia is dependent on unlimited access to the ocean – as the regional paradigm changes, there is greater strain on the Navy to protect the national interests and naval assets like the Canberra Class amphibious warfare ships, combined with concerns about the continuity of Australia’s sovereign naval shipbuilding industry in between major programs. With the Defence Industrial Capability Plan and the $95 billion Naval Shipbuilding Plan setting out how the government is delivering on the commitment to build a strong, sustainable and innovative Australian naval shipbuilding industry.

The NSP states, “The goal of the Naval Shipbuilding Plan is to ensure that the regeneration of the Royal Australian Navy over the coming decades will ensure both a cost-effective solution for the government provide Navy the assured capability to fight and win. The National Naval Shipbuilding Office has been established to implement the Naval Shipbuilding Plan.”

With $95 billion worth of naval shipbuilding programs, the Royal Australian Navy and naval shipbuilding industry would appear to be in an enviable position, however, the long lead time on key programs and ramp-up in delivery poses challenges for industry – in particular, the $50 billion SEA 1000 Attack Class submarine and $35 billion Hunter Class programs face the potential for delay as a result of growing windows between the construction periods of major surface warships and submarines in Australia.

Delivering these costly, complex and highly sensitive defence mega projects is not without its challenges, requiring leading-edge engineers, project managers and related specialists capable of supporting prime contractors, value adding small-to-medium enterprises and Navy throughout the various stages of the platform life cycle.

Enter Nova Systems, which is leveraging its long standing relationships with the Royal Australian Navy and the broader Australian Defence Force across a range of domains, including the maritime and naval shipbuilding domains in particular to across a range of programs to support the sustainment of the existing Navy and delivery of next generation capabilities.

Lee Kormany, general manager, maritime, land and future systems, spoke to Defence Connect about the future of Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry, saying, “It is an exciting time for incoming engineers and project managers, particularly as major programs like SEA 1000, SEA 5000 and SEA 1180 ramp up the really get to engage with leading-edge capabilities.”

Nova Systems brings a wealth of complex project and program management experience to Navy and its long-term recapitalisation programs, beginning with the Hobart Class air warfare destroyer.

More than 60 engineering, project management and operational consultants have contributed across the following areas:

  • Test and activation including harbour and sea trials;
  • Communications;
  • Combat systems engineering;
  • Program/project management;
  • Risk management;
  • Electronic warfare;
  • Sonar engineering and operational support;
  • System safety and hazardous materials; and
  • Operational support.

The support provided by Nova over many years has contributed to the successful launch of all three AWD ships: HMAS Hobart, HMAS Brisbane and HMAS Sydney.

With Hobart now in operational service with the Australian Navy, and Brisbane conducting crew work ups, work has continued on HMAS Sydney, now alongside at Techport in Adelaide, and Nova is continuing to provide high-end services in support of the harbour and sea trials, engineering support and acceptance services, system safety and sea release activities.

“Nova worked closely with the Raytheon-led Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance throughout the last 12 years. providing a firm grasp for the Navy’s plans moving forward. This participation and the quality of Nova’s services have seen the company currently supporting SEA 1180 as part of the OPV acquisition process and we are currently supporting the military hydrographic capability as part of SEA 2480 Phase 1,” Kormany added.

Resourcing the growing list of naval shipbuilding programs is not without its challenges, particularly as SEA 1180, SEA 5000 and SEA 1000 all gather pace, placing increasing strain upon the skilled workforce available. Nova has responded with an extensive proactive plan to develop the next generation of Australia’s naval shipbuilding engineering and project management experts.

The Nova Graduate Development Program (NGDP) is designed to attract, recruit and retain graduates who have demonstrated the potential to make high level contributions to Nova, both now and in the future.

The NGDP aims to foster the personal and professional development of graduates, providing them with the experience, supervision, mentoring and training necessary to assist them with succeeding in their future careers with the Nova Group and to be recognised by their associated professional body.

In the maritime and submarine domains, Nova has seen great success in developing a pool of graduates in some key Defence projects (examples include SEA 4000 Air Warfare Destroyer, SEA 1180 Offshore Patrol Vessel, including a deployment to Germany for 12 months) and it is currently in negotiations to find placements within SEA 1000 Future Submarine.

The graduates are given a great support network and an environment where they can fast track their development. Feedback from clients has been fantastic and we have a proven track record of graduates not only quickly becoming valued members of the team but raising team energy and morale. The maritime program is looking to bring on a further three graduates in this year’s intake.

“The exciting thing for the next generation of Nova employees is that the government’s commitment to building a long-term, sustainable naval shipbuilding program means their involvement is a long-term, sustainable program offering a career in supporting the delivery of the future of the nation’s naval capability,” Kormany finished.

Nova Systems is a professional service provider, specialising in the provision of engineering and management services, providing industry and government with world-class independent expertise in delivering complex projects and solving technologically challenging problems.


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