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In late 2012 Nova Systems was approached by Hensoldt to support Hensoldt’s AIR5431Ph2 Solution. Nova Systems joined the Hensoldt bid team and were an integral part of the effort to develop the winning solution. Nova’s 15 years of experience working with the Commonwealth allows us to interpret and understand Approach To Market documents like we had written them ourselves. Nova Systems then provided a team of four to be part of Hensoldt’s negotiations team, again providing significant insight to Commonwealth requirements and enabling a faster smoother negotiation.

Nova Systems then provided Hensoldt with the staff and facilities to establish a Programme Office at the customer location in Newcastle prior to contract signature. This allowed the 5431Ph2 programme office to get started delivering, successfully providing Effective Date CDRLs and establishing crucial relationships with the Commonwealth.

Nova Systems has also partnered with a local remote and communications infrastructure specialist, idec, to provide the Radar towers and enabling civil works. In this scope of work, Nova’s understanding of the Commonwealth’s acquisition process and requirements allows us to efficiently translate Civil design outputs into solutions that meet the Commonwealth’s requirements. Nova Systems is responsible for the installation of 9 fixed base Air Traffic Control and Surveillance Sensors at Defence sites around Australia.  The radars will be installed on towers, designed and built by idec, between 12m and 30m tall at Oakey, Amberley, Townsville, Darwin, Tindal, Pearce, East Sale, Nowra and Williamtown. The Townsville and Darwin radars will be fitted with radomes. This exciting project leverages Nova’s significant ASDEFCON and aerospace experience to enable the delivery of civil works outcomes in support of a significant capability for the ADF.


Key People

Seamus Miller

Program Manager - Surveillance

Seamus is responsible for leadership and management of our team delivering in the Surveillance. ...

Seamus is responsible for leadership and management of our team delivering in the Surveillance domain. Seamus is also responsible for securing interesting challenging work with our current and future Surveillance customers. Seamus has extensive Capability Assurance experience, particularly in the complex systems space and has over 15 years’ experience in the Defence Aerospace sector.

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