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Barangaroo Ferry Hub Safety Assurance Support

Barangaroo Ferry Hub Safety Assurance Support

Nova Systems provides a Safety Assurance Consultant – Systems & Safety Assurance for the following Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) Projects (2012 – 2017):

  • Wynyard Walk (WW);
  • Wynyard Station Upgrade (WSU); and
  • Barangaroo Ferry Hub (BFH)


Wynyard Walk Project

Wynyard Walk (WW) will provide a world-class, fully-accessible pedestrian link between Wynyard Station and the developing Central Business District (CBD) western corridor and Barangaroo (as shown in Figure 1). The walkway will allow pedestrians to travel from Wynyard transport hub to the Barangaroo waterfront in approximately six minutes, avoiding steep inclines and eliminating road crossings.

The project will increase the entry/exit capacity of Wynyard Station to meet current and future demands for the CBD’s western corridor and waterfront. This includes catering for the full Barangaroo development which, when complete, is expected to accommodate up to 23,000 office workers and attract up to 33,000 visitors per day.

The Works under the proposed Contract for the project includes the following key elements:

  • Railway House/Transport House works – A new 30m tunnel, with underpinning works to Railway House structural basement supports to reconfigure the existing Kent Street tunnel to provide pedestrian tunnel access 3.5m high and 9m wide from Wynyard Station concourse through to new Clarence Street entrance building;
  • Clarence Street building – A new multi-storey building (above and below ground) forming the western entrance to Wynyard Station (from Clarence Street) with direct access to the station concourse;
  • Tunnel – A new 3.5m high and 9m wide (internal dimensions) pedestrian tunnel, approximately 110m long, providing a grade-separated link from the Clarence Street entrance building under Clarence, Margaret and Kent Streets to the Napoleon Plaza;
  • Napoleon Plaza – a paved, public pedestrian plaza at the Napoleon Street node (bounded by Sussex Street, Westpac Plaza, Kent Street and Napoleon Street), which will connect the WW tunnel and bridge components; and
  • Pedestrian Bridge – A pedestrian bridge over Sussex Street providing a grade-separated connection between the Napoleon Plaza and Shelley Street. The bridge will provide a 6m wide pedestrian deck and a 5.5m vertical clearance to Sussex Street.

The Project is delivered through a Design and Construct (D&C) Contract (by CPB (Formally known Thiess Pty Ltd).


Wynyard Station Upgrade Project

Wynyard Station forms part of the Sydney underground rail network and will experience a significant increase in demand over the next 20 years.  Growth within the western Central Business District (CBD) including the Barangaroo development commencing in 2015 and the North West Rail Link (due 2020) require additional capacity from the existing network prior to the delivery of the new CBD line.

Wynyard Station is the third busiest station on the Sydney rail network and was completed in 1932 as an essential linking station for both the City Circle and North Shore lines.  The Station has undergone alterations over time, the most significant being the conversion of the platform 1 and 2 tram tunnels to car parking in 1964. The concourse and platforms were remodelled and refinished in the early 1980s with many of the finishes including the wall and column tiles remaining today. The most recent Station addition is easy access platform lifts in 1998.

The Station is to be upgraded to improve circulation and capacity to meet the projected passenger demand growth, to provide safety and comfort for customers and staff, and to provide an amenity suitable for the Station to be the railway gateway to Sydney’s financial district and general CBD.

The objectives for the Wynyard Station Upgrade (WSU) Project are:

  • Improve the Customer experience at Wynyard Station by relieving congestion at ticket gate-lines, providing visual connection, enhancing the spatial quality and upgrading station facilities;
  • Improve passenger flow throughout the station concourse and platforms to accommodate increased patronage associated with the new Wynyard Walk Project and organic passenger growth, by removing station enclosures and increasing paid concourse width;
  • Provide improved facilities for station staff and customers including amenities and other ancillary station rooms;
  • Improve wayfinding throughout by removing obstacles which impede visual connectivity;
  • Provide a safer and more secure environment for station staff and customers;
  • Improve the station’s compliance with Statutory Codes and Regulations (i.e. Building Code of Australia (BCA), Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), Work Health and Safety (WHS));
  • Enhance the interface with adjacent commercial properties e.g. Met Centre, Hunter Arcade and proposed One Carrington Street development; and
  • Completion of the works in line with the opening of the Wynyard Walk (WW) Project.

The project is delivered by Novo Rail (Note: Novo Rail is an Alliance of Transport for New South Wale (TfNSW) in partnership with Aurecon, Laing O’Rourke and O’Donnell Griffin, working as one team to deliver a substantial portfolio of infrastructure work across Sydney’s local rail network).


Barangaroo Ferry Hub Project

The Barangaroo precinct is one of Sydney’s largest redevelopment projects. The area is being

BFH will provide drop-off and pick-up facilities for passengers. New vessels are being procured by TfNSW and these, as well as the existing ferry fleet will utilize the BFH infrastructure.

The scope of this project includes the following tasks:

  • construct two (2) ferry wharves (wharves 1 and 2 in Figure 1) – each with two (2) berthing faces, and ancillary facilities;
  • include spatial provisions for a future third ferry wharf (wharf 3) to be constructed to the south of the two afore-mentioned ferry wharves; and
  • Coordination and direct interface with the land side facilities (provided by others).

The Project is delivered by Aurecon (Design) and McConnell Dowel (Construction). The BFH layout is shown in Figure 3 below.


The Nova Systems’ Safety Assurance Consultant is responsible for the following systems and safety assurance activities:

  • Systems and safety management;
  • Safety Assurance Plan (SAP);
  • Safety Assurance Report (SAR) and Safety Assurance Statement (SAS);
  • Engineering safety assurance;
  • Ensure that design packages conform to the engineering safety assurance processes and the safety assurance activities are carried out and documented in the respective design deliverables;
  • Safety in Design (SID) and Project Hazard Log (PHL);
  • Facilitate and review hazard identification and analysis during the life cycle of project including transferring of residual risks to asset owners;
  • Safety management as per So Far As IS Reasonably Practical (SFAIRP) justification and argument;
  • Management of safety assurance using Goal Structuring Notation (GSN);
  • Systems requirement specification management and Verification and Validation (V&V) using Requirement Analysis, Allocation and Traceability Matrix (RAATM);
  • Safety interface workshop with sub-contractors and stakeholders;
  • Coordination of Independent Professional Reviews (IPRs); and
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) plan and report using the RAM analysis including Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Reliability Block Diagram (RBD).


Key People

Jim Kira

Program Manager - Transport

Jim is responsible for strategic direction and growth of Nova’s Transport Program encompassing rail, ...

Jim is responsible for strategic direction and growth of Nova’s Transport Program encompassing rail, ferries, ports, automotive and autonomous vehicles. Jim’s background includes aerospace engineering, systems engineering and project management in Defence and senior commercial and operations management experience in the Finance and Renewables industries in Australia, the U.K. and Europe.

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Iain MacDonald

Transport Business Development Lead

Reporting to the GM-Integrated Solutions, Iain is responsible for Building relationships with industry and government within the Transport Sector,...

Reporting to the GM-Integrated Solutions, Iain is responsible for Building relationships with industry and government within the Transport Sector, whilst supporting the development of Nova’s capability to meet the
changing demands and requirements of the industry.  Iain is a Senior Systems Engineer and Safety Assurance Manager, having worked across the UK and Europe, USA, the Middle East and Australia.  Iain has over 25 years in
Nuclear, Vehicle Test, Defence – Land and Air, Air Traffic Control and Transport

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