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Border Force SATCOM Usage

Border Force SATCOM Usage

Off shore vessels owned and operated by Border Force were using low bandwidth SATCOM services for their communication needs where the costs were driven on a per usage basis. As the volume of data required to be transferred between each vessel and headquarters increased, the SATCOM usage costs per vessel became prohibitively expensive. Nova Systems was engaged by Border Force to evaluate their SATCOM communication requirements and support Border Force in procurement of SATCOM capability for installation onto the vessels that would provide a long term lower operating cost to Border Force while at the same time supporting increased data rates to support reliable transmission of high data rate real time and non-real time services.


As part of the evaluation process for supporting the introduction of new SATCOM capability within Border Force, Nova Systems was responsible for modelling different SATCOM procurement and cost models as well as evaluate different alternate SATCOM capability options including both commercial and military services. Nova Systems was instrumental in developing the statement of work as well as supporting tender evaluation to choose the best value for money option. The selected solution which uses a complex combination of both commercial and military SATCOM capability to cover Border Force’s unique operating needs has resulted in Nova performing key activities in support of the introduction of Border Force as one of the first Whole of Government customers to utilise the Australian Defence Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system. Nova Systems was able to provide leading support to Border Force due to its vast experience in dealing within complex SATCOM environments where a deep level understanding of the capability trade space and stakeholder needs is essential to ensure the optimum solution is procured, installed and operated. The work that has been conducted by Nova Systems SATCOM for maritime Border Force is now a basis for the delivery of SATCOM capability within the land domain for other Whole of Government customers.


Key People

Nick Pengelly

General Manager – Communications, Information & Space

Nick is responsible for the Communications, Information and Space Business Unit which comprises a number of Nova’s key ...

Nick is responsible for the Communications, Information and Space Business Unit which comprises a number of Nova’s key programs growing proficiency to support the delivery of specialised services and product in the areas of information, cyber security and communications which encompasses Nova’s strong Satellite Communications and Space business. Nick joined Nova Systems in 2008 where he was chartered to grow Nova’s Satellite Communications business on the back of Nova’s purchase of Auspace from Astrium in late 2007.

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