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Capital Projects Management System

Capital Projects Management System

After the peak of the CSG Upstream development, our client was aware they needed an integrated, company-wide Capital Project Management System (CPMS) to improve credibility through better meeting business objectives, making projects consistent, and further enhancing certainty in delivery. The client had sourced a basic CPMS solution, and the adaptation project initiative was sponsored by the client’s executive suite.

 The challenge was adapting the sourced solution to the client’s requirements, integrating local processes, and rolling the solution out; all in concert with an ongoing business transformation that included business unit mergers, cost-reduction programs, and the downsizing of the organisation after the peak of CSG Upstream development.

As part of our advisory role to Engineering Authority, Nova Systems (Nova) was initially engaged to provide a first appraisal on the suitability of the base CPMS use for Engineering. This was completed in a few days by Nova noting advantages, potential gaps, and differences as compared against the current business model, as an input to the project business case.

Based on Nova‘s experience with the client and in creating the business unit Engineering Management framework, Nova was engaged to support the CPMS project, initially in the Engineering stream and then branching out into Procurement and Quality streams. Nova fulfilled a vital role in shaping the project approach filling Technical Stream Lead positions, advising the project manager and ensuring that delivery plans were credible.

The first objective was to scope the balance of the project in terms of effort, schedule, milestones and deliverables. To mitigate risk and optimise value-for-money, the project adopted a semi-agile approach, and was delivered using the client’s stage-gate project delivery framework. With Nova’s assistance the initial project was scoped to deliver a “basic local capability” to be further shaped after some degree of use by the business.

Nova filled the roll of advisors to the Project Manager and Project Director, and Functional Stream Lead positions in Engineering Management and Contracts & Procurement, also providing support to other Functional Stream Leads.  Nova provided additional specialists for specific tasks as requested by the Project Assurance representative.

The CPMS team enabled the first suite of user documentation to “go live” in August 2015, just over a year after project commencement. It is anticipated that Nova will help assist new projects to engage and refine the CPMS solution.

Management systems are driven by business models and the project life-cycle as well as by local needs and requirements. Early stakeholder engagement creates value during roll-out. Development, delivery and roll-out of such systems requires a team dedicated to the task, and cannot be performed by part-time allocated staff. Alignment between the organisation structure and CPMS Functional Streams will amplify the value of the system.


Key People

Tim Anderson

Program Manager - Energy & Resources

Tim is responsible for program management of the Energy & Resources Program in the power, water, oil and gas ...

Tim is responsible for program management of the Energy & Resources Program in the power, water, oil and gas and mining sectors. In these sectors, Tim leads our client relationships, client solutions delivery,  client-led innovation and sector strategies. Tim has 30 years experience, working with clients in energy, resources, utilities and engineering sectors.


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