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Custom Engineering Training for Air Force Engineers

Custom Engineering Training for Air Force Engineers

Air force engineers often operate in an intense operational environment where they are required to make sound engineering decisions to meet the operational demands. The engineers will need to be equipped with not only a strong engineering foundation, but more importantly, an acute appreciation of aeronautical design and the relationship to the operational environment. This requires a non-traditional training regime that tertiary education institutions are ill equipped to provide, and a team of instructional staff who are intimately familiar with the current industry practices.

Nova Systems was engaged by the Republic of Singapore Air Force to design and deliver a custom built and unique training program for their engineers. The month-long course was designed to provide the foundational engineering knowledge that built on their tertiary engineering education with a level of rigour that commensurate to a post graduate course, and the practical appreciation of applying the engineering concepts and understanding the operational environment. This course was delivered yearly by a team of senior consultants with current and up to date knowledge of industry best practices and aircraft certification expertise. The course exercises were designed to reinforce the applied knowledge and replicate the fully integrated nature of aeronautical design.

The Nova Systems course has been highly rated and constantly improved upon as industry practices changed, and through the course the client has direct access to the experts in this field where industry expertise can be injected into the client environment. Nova Systems’ solution brings about the best features of a rigorous academic course and the practical hands-on engineering training.


Nova Systems – Custom Engineering Training for Air Force Engineers