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Eyre Peninsula Water Supply Scheme

Eyre Peninsula Water Supply Scheme

Traditional sources of potable water supply for communities on the Eyre Peninsula were under severe threat due to predicted reductions in licences for water extraction from local groundwater basins and extended periods of below average rainfalls. SA Water was selected to construct a 90 kilometre pipeline from Iron Knob to Kimba (an associated infrastructure), to provide a potable water supply to these communities.

Nova Systems was engaged by SA Water to provide overall project management services, included participation in the procurement process, with early contractor engagement to help quickly identify and resolve potential difficulties. The proposed pipeline route traversed the Lake Gilles Conservation Park and through consultation with stakeholders, Nova Systems developed and implemented an Environmental plan to minimise any environmental effects during construction.

Nova Systems also liaised with construction stakeholders, focusing on project scope, cost and programming of electricity upgrade works required to power connections for the pump stations along the pipeline route as well as downstream along existing distribution routes for small pump stations. These meetings were highly important to the project’s success due to the fast tracking of its roll out and the long lead times associated with procurement of materials and equipment required for the upgrade works.

This project highlighted the importance of:

  • Trying to avoid unnecessary fast tracking;
  • Ensuring early contractor involvement is outcome based utilising appropriate incentives to ensure active participation;
  • Minimising movement/changes of staffing by design consultants; and
  • Reiterating the communication guidelines during all stages of the project to ensure communication channels are used effectively.


Key People

Tim Anderson

Program Manager - Energy & Resources

Tim is responsible for program management of the Energy & Resources Program in the power, water, oil and gas ...

Tim is responsible for program management of the Energy & Resources Program in the power, water, oil and gas and mining sectors. In these sectors, Tim leads our client relationships, client solutions delivery,  client-led innovation and sector strategies. Tim has 30 years experience, working with clients in energy, resources, utilities and engineering sectors.


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