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Gas Facilities Completions and Handover

Gas Facilities Completions and Handover

Construction of the Upstream Gas Processing Facilities was conducted by two different construction contractors with our client as the Owner/Operator as well as performing the Engineering, Procurement and Management aspects of the project. Lack of a standard, suitable Completions, Commissioning and Handover (CC&HO) process led to delays in completing the first gas compression train, putting at risk the critical first gas milestone for the Upstream project.

The challenge was to establish a CC&HO process that would allow the safe transfer of the first gas compression train from construction to commissioning, protect client interests as the Owner/Operator, and enable repetition across the remaining 15 gas trains – all whilst keeping the project delivery schedule intact.

Nova Systems (Nova) was tasked with developing a standardised CC&HO process for the gas field facilities. The problem was divided into two activities: an immediate, short-term solution to enable the safe transfer of Train 1 into commissioning; followed by an overhaul of the CC&HO process to enable the efficient delivery of all remaining gas compression trains.

Nova worked with the construction contractors and commissioning and operations staff to establish the minimum requirements for mechanical completion, including a system-by-system schedule to enable commissioning ramp-up. A Mechanical Completion Dossier was created to capture all certification evidence for each system and the Mechanical Completion Certificate was revised to ensure each activity was completed and signed off by the responsible party. 

Under the guidance of Nova, a Completions and Handover Coordinator was deployed at each site to oversee the mechanical completion process and act as the single point of contact for issues. The changes were successful in clarifying roles and enabled the progressive transfer of systems into pre-commissioning over a two-month period. This work formed the basis for revising the end-to-end CC& HO process. Key to this activity was the Asset Lifecycle Model (ALM) developed by Nova, which linked the various engineering, construction and commissioning activities, documentation and quality/safety checks through the asset certification gates from design to operations. Using the ALM as a reference Nova was able to analyse all bespoke client processes and create a single, fit-for-purpose CC&HO procedure that could be applied consistently to the delivery of all remaining gas compression trains.

The revised CC&HO procedure was approved by the client Engineering Authority and has been applied to 13 gas compression trains. All have been successfully handed over to Operations on or ahead of schedule. The CC&HO procedure has also been applied to the Water Treatment Facilities and Pipeline Compression and Interchange Facilities.

An integrated end-to-end process is essential for delivering a complex gas facility involving many different stakeholders. It must begin with the end in mind – each activity or deliverable must contribute to the success of the next phase and ultimately the seamless transfer into the Operation phase. Capturing and re-using knowledge is critical to becoming more efficient when performing the same process across many identical assets.


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Tim Anderson

Program Manager - Energy & Resources

Tim is responsible for program management of the Energy & Resources Program in the power, water, oil and gas ...

Tim is responsible for program management of the Energy & Resources Program in the power, water, oil and gas and mining sectors. In these sectors, Tim leads our client relationships, client solutions delivery,  client-led innovation and sector strategies. Tim has 30 years experience, working with clients in energy, resources, utilities and engineering sectors.


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