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Royal Australian Air Force Aerodrome Airworthiness

Royal Australian Air Force Aerodrome Airworthiness

The RAAF’s Combat Support Group (CSG) plays a major role in support of military activities through the management of fixed and expeditionary airbases within Australia and overseas. CSG has delegated responsibility from Defence Aviation Safety Program Manual to ensure that all aviation support systems are safe and suitable for aircrafts to operate during peacetime and contingency periods alike.

To allow the CSG to effectively manage the level of safety provided at RAAF aerodromes under its responsibility, Nova Systems was engaged to baseline the integrity of all Aviation Support Systems at each airbase, to develop a program to address existing deficiencies that increased the level of safety risk and to develop a system of continuous review to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the Defence Aviation Safety Program.

As a direct result of Nova Systems’ support, for the first time, the safety status of each RAAF aerodrome was collated and viewed to assess areas of risk and to identify trends. This information is now used by the Group to make important decisions regarding the use or resources to preserve or improve those levels of safety. The resolution of a complex problem does not necessarily always require the implementation of a complex solution.

Smart stakeholder engagement and traditional risk management methodologies, combined with extensive experience in aviation operations can produce highly practical and effective results. It is these results that can provide end users with the information they need to make decisions and implement measures that preserve the safety of Australia’s warfighters.