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State Government Aviation

State Government Aviation

As operators of aviation fleets, State Governments occasionally need expert advice to support the delivery of critical capabilities or to support governance and spending decisions for their current or future aviation fleets.

Nova has assisted a number of Australian State Governments in making key decisions on the make-up and operations of their fleets. These services have included: the development of Operational Concept Documents and Statement of Requirements that were used to produce the final tenders put to industry for fleet buys; supporting the tender evaluation processes for fixed wing aeromedical services  and replacement helicopter fleet buys; operational reviews such as NVG operations, technology trends, regulatory trends, specifications development for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, Category A operations to hospital landing sites, ramp reviews of potential aviation sub-contractors to ensure that their operations met stringent guidelines and risk management reviews of select operations to name a few activities.

For these tasks Nova brings together a unique and specialised group of individuals with extensive qualifications and experience in helicopter operations and flight test, both from an aircrew and management perspective, as well as expertise in aviation safety, aviation regulator obligations and project management.


Nova Systems – State Government Aviation


Key People

Mick Priddin

Program Manager - Rotary Wing

Mick is responsible for the business development and delivery of Novas Rotary Wing Program for our military...

Mick is responsible for the business development and delivery of Novas Rotary Wing Program for our military and civil clients. Mick had over 20 year’s military experience in the Australian Army including service with Army Aviation which has been followed by commercial experience at senior management levels in both domestic and international markets.

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