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Design and Build of Flight Test Instrumentation

Design and Build of Flight Test Instrumentation

The client was under contract by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) to develop and teach an 18 week training course on the design and build of flight test instrumentation to the COMAC flight test instrumentation department. The course involves academics, practical exercises, modification of a twin-engine Beech Baron general aviation aircraft with a flight test instrumentation package, and conducting ground and flight test with the modified aircraft.

The client was lacking in technical expertise in several key technical areas such as systems engineering, systems architecture in both airborne and ground instrumentation, and detailed design.Nova Systems was contracted at very short notice to develop and instruct in the key technical areas. Nova Systems identified the lack of a coherent course program and assisted the client in restructuring the course to provide a consistent structure that progressively builds upon each training module. Nova Systems’ consultants identified key issues with the training course and provided immediate assistance to rectify the design; and performed the top level design for the flight test instrumentation package that was to be installed into the Beech Baron aircraft.

Despite the challenges experienced, Nova Systems’ consultants restructured the course content to suit the trainees’ experience level and delivered not only the contracted scope but also provided the foundational knowledge and training that the trainees required to successfully complete the training course and exercises. Nova Systems’ consultants provided immense value to the client by turning around a course that was heading for failure, into a successful course that satisfied the end customer and enabled the client to fulfil its contractual obligations.