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Upstream Asset Data Management

Upstream Asset Data Management

As the Upstream development progressed, asset documentation was being captured in a central repository, but was not being developed in a way that supported the progressive certification (commissioning, completions and handover) of assets. As a result, asset certification and transition to operations was slowed.

The challenge was to provide and roll-out a mechanism for managing the development of asset documentation and data in concert with asset certification steps, at the same time as full-scale asset development was taking place in the field.

The need to improve data and document delivery was a key recommendation from another Nova Systems (Nova) task; a Scoping Study on Asset Configuration Management. And Nova was tasked with addressing the asset data management problem.  After a more detailed review of the status quo, Nova developed two key products;

  •  Configuration Management Philosophy – this set the standard for CSG asset data management and control
  • Technical Information Management Plan – in accordance with the philosophy, prescribe the staged development of asset data, synchronized with the certification stages, and focused on roles and responsibilities.

Technical information is a collective term for the set of data that defines an asset, as well as the documents and records created during an asset’s development and commissioning. Nova consultants worked with managers and leaders in the project to determine “what would work in the field”, and to validate ideas and approaches before developing a draft solution.

Central to the solution was an Asset Data Lifecycle model developed by Nova. The model provided the direct connection between relevant aspects of the project, and formed the basis of staged data development. In effect, Nova had overlaid a ‘systems engineering’ approach to the work already in progress by the client and its contractors. As with any complex problem solution, the revised process was iterated a number of times based on consultation with field staff to account for limitations in available tools, support contracts and field infrastructure.

Change management was rolled out by the client starting with the main hot-spots of asset development, using Nova expert support in the field.  The asset data management solution had a strong positive effect on asset handover, with the project getting to first gas on schedule.

Handover of data and documents for operations is a critical project completions activity that requires centralised, structured, coordinated effort across the project team. Without the data there would be unknown risk on both safety and asset integrity.

Data and documents maturity must be closely managed in line with the plant and equipment development and certification life cycle


Key People

Tim Anderson

Program Manager - Energy & Resources

Tim is responsible for program management of the Energy & Resources Program in the power, water, oil and gas ...

Tim is responsible for program management of the Energy & Resources Program in the power, water, oil and gas and mining sectors. In these sectors, Tim leads our client relationships, client solutions delivery,  client-led innovation and sector strategies. Tim has 30 years experience, working with clients in energy, resources, utilities and engineering sectors.


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