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Information & Cyber Security

Information & Cyber Security

Information Assurance in today’s highly networked environments is essential to ensure business continuity and desired military outcomes.  Nova Systems Information and Cyber Security Program brings together a capability of highly qualified professionals that has acquired specialised knowledge to support organisations in achieving their objectives.

Nova provides support to the Department of Defence, Navigation and Tactical Data Link projects under an Integrated Support Contractor model.  The support extends across the capability lifecycle to include Requirements Definition, Design Acceptance, Safety Assessments and Integrated Logistic Support.  Nova also supports the projects by providing specialised Subject Matter Expertise to support the assessment of fitness for purpose, environmental compliance and safety within Technical Regulatory Frameworks. 

The program provides support to the Australian Defence Force Tactical Data Link Authority in its provision of Joint Tactical Data Link training to the Australian Defence Force.  The training is critical to ensure the effectiveness of Tactical Data Exchange in joint, allied, coalition and military operations and exercises.

Nova’s approach to Cyber Security is that which provides for continuity of Business or Mission outcomes. 

Mission Assurance is based on the mitigation of mission/business disruptions that can result from a Cyber Attack or from the impact of operating in a Cyber denied environment.

More generally mission assurance is a process to ensure that designated tasks or duties can be undertaken with the purpose of ensuring sustained operations.  That’s is ensuring that the business strategy is sufficiently resilient to a Cyber Attack; so that critical business activities can still be undertaken in some cases at degraded levels, when operating in a Cyber denied environment.

Nova implements cyber mission assurance through a risk management framework that is based on the Australian Department of Defence – Information Security Manual methodology.  The methodology is best practice in mitigating or minimising the threat to ICT systems. However, there is no one–size–fits–all approach to Cyber security due to the varying complexity of different ICT systems. Nova adopts a risk management approach to Cyber security providing the flexibility to allow for differences in environment, business operating strategy and the businesses appetite for risk.

The approach allows businesses to balance the operational and economic costs of information security measures with the need to protect the information and systems that support their organisational functions.

Nova is cognisant of national and international standards and implements and adopts an approach that meets an organisations business requirements.  Nova works with the customer to establish the estimated costs of malicious cyber-attacks and how to best detect, deter and respond to cyber security threats in the context of the business’s operating model.  The developed mitigation plan provides recommendations that balances the recommended security controls, operational constraints and economic cost. 

Nova has extensive Cyber Security capabilities and experience in accrediting Australian Department of Defence SECRET systems. Nova is also a member of the ASD Technical Services Panel.  This capability through the Nova Systems Mission Assurance framework is also being effectively applied to the commercial sector.   This approach provides maximum protection from cyber-attacks as well as mitigating business disruption into the future. 


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 “Australia continues to be the target of persistent and sophisticated cyber exploitation activity by malicious actors. The most prevalent threat to Australian networks is cyber exploitation; that is, activity by malicious actors to covertly collect information from ICT systems. Australia is also threatened by the possibility of cyber attack—offensive activity designed to deny, degrade, disrupt or destroy information or ICT systems.” 

Department of Defence – Strategic Policy and Intelligence

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Key People

Nick Pengelly

General Manager – Communications, Information & Space

Nick is responsible for the Communications, Information and Space Business Unit which comprises a number of Nova’s key ...

Nick is responsible for the Communications, Information and Space Business Unit which comprises a number of Nova’s key programs growing proficiency to support the delivery of specialised services and product in the areas of information, cyber security and communications which encompasses Nova’s strong Satellite Communications and Space business. Nick joined Nova Systems in 2008 where he was chartered to grow Nova’s Satellite Communications business on the back of Nova’s purchase of Auspace from Astrium in late 2007.

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Greg McKinnon

Program Manager - Information & Cyber Security

Greg is responsible for the Information and Cyber Security Program and is committed to maintaining the high service delivery...

Greg is responsible for the Information and Cyber Security Program and is committed to maintaining the high service delivery standards across projects in the Information domain and is looking forward to evolve Nova’s Cyber Security competences as an integral part of Australia’s strategic Cyber Security capabilities.

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