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Media Release - Nova Systems Makes Commitment to Enhancing the Capability of the Australian Space Sector

Media Release - Nova Systems Makes Commitment to Enhancing the Capability of the Australian Space Sector

  • Dec 6, 2018

Today Nova Systems signed a Statement of Strategic Intent with the Australian Space Agency. This statement confirmed Nova Systems commitment to enhancing the capability and competitiveness of the Australian space sector.

The statement was signed following the 6th South Australia Space Forum by Dr Megan Clark AC, Head of the Australian Space Agency and Peter Nikoloff, Director of the Nova Group – Nova Systems parent company. Head of the Australian Space Agency Dr Megan Clark AC welcomed the signing with the Australian based company.

“Space activities are a global business. We are looking to this next generation of Australian companies like Nova Systems to help build the capability and competitiveness of Australia’s space sector,” Dr Clark said.

“We want to inspire young Australians to pursue an education in STEM and support our space endeavours. We thank Nova Systems for their commitment to deliver specialist capability training to ensure a pipeline of thriving space engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs.”

Nova Systems stated a commitment to enhancing the capability and competitiveness of the Australian space sector by supporting:

  • Future satellite communications through the development of a combined commercial, research and development, and training and simulation ground station;
  • Tackling the predictive and interpretation aspects of space situational awareness for the nation’s space-based infrastructure and improving the user-data interface;
  • Specialist training and support to Australian industry and government in negotiating the certification and regulation of space systems;
  • Provision of capability assurance services to enable Australasian space launch; and
  • Student internships to support the development of Australia’s future space engineers.


Nova Systems is also a strong supporter of the proposed SmartSat CRC initiative being considered by government. This initiative is supported by other space industry leaders and world class research institutions.

Commenting on Nova Systems commitment to the Australian Space Agency, Steven Robinson, Chief Executive Nova Systems Australia said, “Nova Systems has a strategic interest in solving problems of national interest through enabling satellite communications, next generation ground stations and space situational technologies.

“We are excited to collaborate and support projects and partnerships in the space sector that contribute to the generation of jobs, innovation and growth within the Australian economy.”

In 2018, the Coalition Government committed $41 million to establish the Australian Space Agency. The Government is investing more than $260 million to grow Australia’s space satellite infrastructure. The Australian Space Agency’s purpose is to transform and grow the Australian space sector and the broader use of space across the Australian economy and to inspire and deliver benefit to all Australians.

The Australian Space Agency’s priorities in space include communication; operations and ground stations; position, navigation and timing; space situational awareness; research and development; earth observation and remote asset management in space and on earth.

Nova Systems and the Australia Space Agency outlined their shared interest in enhancing the competitiveness of capability of the Australian space industry. They also share an interest in the broader use of space across a wide range of sectors of the Australian economy and noted the growing importance of commercialisation at every point along the space value-added chain. This includes from research and development, to high-tech manufacturing, to transportation, to satellite operations and to consumer services based on satellite signals and data.


Australian Space Agency

The Australia Space Agency is a whole-of-government body, with the purpose to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry and the use of space to lift the broader economy. This will be underpinned by strong international and national engagement. In achieving this purpose, we will aspire and improve the lives of all Australians.

Nova Systems

Nova Systems is a an Australian owned and operated Global Professional Service Provider, specialising in the provision of technology enabling solutions and world class expertise to deliver complex capabilities and systems and solve technologically challenging problems. We solve the problems that really matter.

SmartSat CRC

The SmartSat CRC is a collaborative effort to solve major satellite system and advanced communications challenges that will provide enhanced connectivity, navigation and monitoring of our country and its resources.


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