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Nova IGS Network Delivers Space Ground Connectivity to Peterborough, SA

Nova IGS Network Delivers Space Ground Connectivity to Peterborough, SA

  • Aug 27, 2019

Nova IGS Network, sister company to Nova Systems, is pleased to announce their ground station-as-a-service site in Peterborough, South Australia is now operational.

Delivering space ground connectivity for small satellite operators, the Nova IGS Network offers a strategically positioned ground network in Australia.

“With South Australia fast becoming known as Australia’s Space hub following the establishment of the Australian Space Agency HQ and Lot Fourteen, and with the announcement of the SmartSat CRC, Peterborough was the ideal location for the founding node of our ground station network” said GM Communication, Information and Space, Nick Pengelly.

“The ground station brings a new and sought-after capability to Peterborough and South Australia, offering a highly capable ground station service and R&D test bed for organisations needing to test concepts and ideas in the real environment.

“We believe the IGS network will become a critical element of Australia’s space industry eco-system and we are delighted to be working closely with Peterborough Council CEO, Peter McGuinness to have the opportunity to contribute to the generation of innovation and growth in the district.”

Defence SA has thrown their support behind the initiative designed to have the capacity to support the SA Government and Australian Space Agency activity out of Lot Fourteen, as well as catering for the data download needs of the ever-increasing number of satellites and constellations.

Nova IGS Network has recently completed construction works for initial customers on the site.  The network has also commenced upgrading the fibre connection to the Peterborough site, which will achieve backhaul download capacity in excess of 10GBps.

Tailored to meet the needs of current and future Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) small satellite missions, the Nova IGS Network currently offers ACMA approved spectrum licenses for the conduct of UHF, S-band and X-band operations.

Nova IGS Network is an Australian owned company, boasting Australia’s preeminent SATCOM capability with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Nova IGS Network

Nova IGS Network delivers Space ground connectivity through the provision of ground state capacity for small satellite operators.

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Media Contact: Sarah de Valence

Position: Group Communications Manager

Telephone: 07 3129 2237


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