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Nova Systems Exhibits at the 2019 South Australia Space Forum

Nova Systems Exhibits at the 2019 South Australia Space Forum

  • May 1, 2019

Nova Systems is exhibiting at the 2019 South Australia Space Forum!

The 7th South Australia Space Forum is being held in Adelaide, South Australia on Thursday 9 May 2019 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Supported by the Australian Space Agency, this biannual forum provides the perfect opportunity to stimulate ideas, share information about emerging technologies and discuss industry trends.

The South Australia Space Forum is a free event, which facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders in the Australian space sector and encourages growth and innovation within the space economy.

On the back of last year’s hugely successful 6th South Australia Space Forum, which attracted over 500 participants, this event aims to stimulate the Australian space ecosystem by:

  • Encouraging the exchange of information and promoting the latest industry developments
  • Showcasing South Australian capabilities to local and international investors
  • Assisting research organisations to identify industry needs and future areas of demand, particularly within STEM pathways
  • Promoting commercial application of new research and technologies.


Nova Systems is your Space capability partner for complex futures.

Nova Systems is committed to enhancing the capability and competitiveness of the Australian space sector and has a strategic interest in solving problems of national interest through:

  • Enabling satellite communications
    • Future satellite communications through the creation of research and development initiatives aimed at optimisation of future space and ground segments through modelling, simulation and training
  • Next generation ground stations
    • Provide space ground connectivity for small satellite operators through strategic access to spectrum licenses and site infrastructure at our ground station precinct
  • Space situational awareness technologies
    • Tackling the predictive and interpretation aspects of space situational awareness for the nation’s space-based infrastructure, while also improving the user-data interface;
  • Space capability upskilling
    • Specialist training and support to Australian industry and government in space systems including the certification and regulation of the space environment;
    • Student internships to support the development of Australia’s future space engineers.

Following the success of the SmartSat CRC proposal led by Nova Systems and Uni SA, Nova Group (Nova Systems’ parent company) Director, Peter Nikoloff, will be joining panel discussion on the SmartSat CRC – Building Australia’s Space Industry at 1.20pm local time.

The SmartSat CRC will catalyse the transformation and growth of Australia’s space industry with focussed activity in three key areas: advanced communications, intelligent satellite systems and next generation Earth Observation sensor technologies and analytics.

Chair and Executive Director of the Nova Group Jim Whalley, will also be presenting at 8.50am local time and will be addressing national and international space trends.

In-depth specialist space, ground and terminal segment knowledge and experience in the acquisition, introduction into service, and certification of large, complex space related capabilities, uniquely equips Nova Systems to provide training, certification, systems safety and engineering support to the nation’s space sector in the strategic areas of communications, space and ground segment operations, and space situational awareness.

Nova Systems signed a Statement of Strategic Intent with the Australian Space Agency in 2018.

Nova Systems is your Space capability partner for complex futures. Visit us at the 2019 SA Space Forum to learn more about our capabilities.

Nova Systems

Nova Systems is an Australian owned and operated Global Professional Service Provider, specialising in the provision of technology enabling solutions and world class expertise to deliver complex capabilities and systems and solve technologically challenging problems.

SA Space Forum

SmartSat CRC

The SmartSat CRC will create leapfrogging technologies in advanced telecommunications and smart satellite systems to build Australia’s space infrastructure for advanced communications and connectivity, remote sensing and monitoring for its land, sea and oceans. It brings together nearly 100 partners and international collaborators which, together with significant investment by the Australian Federal Government, have committed $245 million, represent the biggest space industry R&D collaboration in Australia’s history.

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