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Nova Systems presents at the Army Innovation Day 2016

Nova Systems presents at the Army Innovation Day 2016

  • Oct 13, 2016

Nova Systems has presented their “Nova Rova” at the Army Innovation Day 2016.

The Nova Rova is an autonomous land-based, low-cost, high-speed, agile target system for the Australian Defence Force to test their weapon systems and train their personnel.

Leveraging over 15 years’ experience in providing test and evaluation services to Defence both in Australia and Internationally, Nova Rova is part of Nova Systems’ turnkey range services solutions. The complete solution encompasses test planning, range safety, target setup, operation and clean up as well as results analysis and reporting.

The Nova Rova is a realistic target for the Australian Defence Force. Evolving out of its award winning Innovation program, the Nova Rova system will be capable of 100kph autonomously and 60km stand-off to address the ADF’s needs to directly engage an agile, non-linear, low cost, expendable target while allowing personnel to remain safely outside the test area. This capability is currently not available in Australia.

Nova Rova – the right target for the right test.

For More Information, please contact: Ian Lawrence: Program Manager – Land and Emergency Services, Nova Systems. Email

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