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Nova Systems Supports the Development of Singapore’s AV Standards

Nova Systems Supports the Development of Singapore’s AV Standards

  • May 15, 2019

Nova Systems has provided their significant regulatory, safety and cyber security expertise to develop one of the world’s first technical guidelines for assessing Autonomous Vehicles (AVs).

The set of national guidelines, known as Technical Reference 68 (TR 68), will promote the safe deployment of fully autonomous vehicles in Singapore.

“International standards have been slow to emerge for autonomous vehicles,” said Bret Barton, Chief Executive Nova Systems Asia Pacific.

“Singapore authorities recognised an imperative for industry leaders to work together, taking a step towards making highly autonomous vehicle operations on public roads a reality.

“These standards will also serve as a guide for the industry in the development and deployment of AVs globally.”

The Singapore Standards Council invited Nova Systems to participate in the advancement of autonomous and intelligent transport solutions, recognising their considerable depth of knowledge.

Nova Systems technical experts participated in two working groups responsible for the development of the functional safety and cyber security requirements.

Sharing safety regulatory experience from multiple high-risk industry domains such as aviation, rail, and novel technologies in defence systems and weapons, Nova Systems was influential in authoring Singapore’s TR 68.

“It is an exciting milestone for AVs, one which we are honoured to have been able to support,” said Bret.

“The collaboration has ensured the first set of technical standards for AVs has been formed with input from the world’s leading experts.”

The collaborative, industry supported effort also included experts from Siemens, TÜV SÜD, nuTonomy and Singapore’s Centre of Excellence for Testing & Research of AVs.

The effort established four working groups tasked with developing the standards for vehicle behaviour, vehicle functional safety, cyber security and data formats.

Considered as a provisional standard, TR 68 will continue to undergo active refinement as AV technology matures, with feedback from experience and the industry.

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